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From one end of Hell to the other
Published on April 26, 2007 By jesseledesma In Travel
The reason I call the University of Texas at El Paso screw U TEP is because that is their standard answer when you try to interact with one of their offices.

Today, I was back at this horrid institution to turn in some papers their financial aid office requested.

The first thing I did was stop at the office of admissions and ask for the status of the application I had resubmitted a week and a half ago.

The person at the counter looked like breathing was a problem for him. However, after he checked whatever he said he checked I asked if the application had been approved and if there were any papers that I need to bring in to their office. He replied no everything is fine.

Well I went on my merry way to the financial office on the second floor. The girl up there tells me that I am not in the system as pursuing a second degree. She also told me I would have to go to Education department and declare I want a second degree.

In a very unhappy and annoyed state I walk all the way back over to the other end of hell. The person at the student services at the college of education tells me they don’t have anything to do with what the schools admission’s system says.

That’s right I had to walk all the way back were I came from and talk to the office of admissions again.

Their clerk could tell I was annoyed. She went to talk to the admissions counselor who was supposedly working on my application. See it had not been posted and that is the reason their system does not show I am trying to get a second degree.

Well this admissions counselor comes out and assures me it will be done in five minutes. She tells me to take a seat. Well, I do.

After more than five minutes I go back to the second floor thinking its been more than five minutes surely in the computer age one simple change in a system should be done.

It was not. The same stupid broad that send me all the way to the other end of hell told me that I was still not in the system as pursuing a second degree.

At this point I was in my someone-needs-to-die mode. I went back to the office of admissions and told that clerk I needed to talk to some one in charge.

She went back to talk to some one with an annoyed look on her face. Five minutes later she comes out says my name and gestures towards the back.

She has directed me to some laughing clown who thinks she can resolve all situations with her goofy face.

I explain myself. She checks on her computer. Then she leaves the room to check. When she comes back she starts to explain while she is laughing. Did I miss some thing? Where is the stupid joke; other then screw U TEP?

I literally told her this is not funny. Well at the end I was not satisfied with her explanation. She had finally said I was going to have to wait another 30 minutes. I had already invested an hour and a half and most of that was walking from the east of hell to the west.

Man! I just don’t know what to do with all this happy to have a job they do not have to work at people.

In addition, I am ready to say screw you UTEP.

on Apr 27, 2007
Sounds like college to me.

Seriously, I had many similar experiences while pursuing my degree. You'll get it worked out.
on Apr 29, 2007
guy it is not free, the student loans I wil have to pay back in addition, it twice the effort and less than double the benefit when you are associated with a disfunctional system.