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Turnign Election 2008 into a porn video.
Published on July 28, 2007 By jesseledesma In Politics
I really do not want to write this article. Today I was listening to that there are aliens in Roswell, NM radio program. I actually heard a man go on about Hillary Clinton’s breast. Apparently in some interview Ms. Clinton wore a revealing piece of clothing that revealed cleavage.

Some people think she did this in order to appear sexually attractive and garner votes. Let me speak clearly and say that under to stretch of the imagination is Hillary Clinton a sexy and/or attractive woman.

Her thighs look like she has an elephant in each pant pocket. She looks like she has ten layers of facial foundation on her face. Though she has thick thighs, she has a freakishly narrow waist.

If people in America want to elect a hot babe, I nominate Angelina Jolie. She is pretty. She is also very smart. In addition, though she is a member of “piggy Hollywood” Ms. Jolie does not tow the liberal rhetorical line.

I saw her interviewed by reporters who wanted her to blame the Bush administration for the social hardships in Africa. No matter how hard the reporters tried she would not give them what they wanted.

Therefore, if attractive is what you want, well Angelina Jolie is very attractive.

Ms. Clinton is even an ugly person. After humiliation after humiliation at the hands of her husband’s adulterous affairs Ms. Clinton backs Mr. Clinton for political expediency. She prefers to win at politics no matter what it takes. Doesn’t ‘t she have any self-respect. Moreover, how can she think she will not be judged harshly for not being able to defend herself against the “The Lurch” Bill Clinton?

Of course, we have all heard her evil shriek as she screams at Bush and company.

However, what got me crazy is have we really sunk so low in to the muck that we are going to turn the next presidential race in to a porn video.

Hey I will Lampoon a democrat faster than the next guy. However, I do not care about making the 2008 presidential election about Ms. Clinton’s sagging, wrinkled, and age spot gratified breast.

It matters to me that Ms. Clinton rides the fence on the conflict in Iraq. One day she is for it. The next day she is against it.

It matters to me that she wants to turn healthcare in America in to the biggest Socialist program ever imagined.

It matters to me that she belongs to the screw what ever you want, take all drugs and alcohol you can consume, let hardship turn you in to a criminal, and don’t worry about the consequences cause we are going to get the hardworking responsible tax paying citizen to pay for you abortions and all your social programs group.

Now, some of my critics may say that I have crossed the line being so critical about Ms. Clinton. Well I wanted to be deliberately vulgar in order to show people how wrong it is to be talking about Ms. Clinton’s physical attributes as qualifications for the presidency.

Ms. Clinton is completely ugly.

Education, experience, and good moral character are good qualifications for the presidency, not mammary glands.

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