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NBA teams enter into the immigration debate.
Published on March 9, 2008 By jesseledesma In Democrat

Ok, so the state of California goverment officials think they are the only people qualified to say the only ones qualified to teach children are people who are certified teachers.  This policy smells of a liberal agenda fueled by teachers unions in California.

To the people of the state of California, who pride themselves in Home Schooling your children,  I say leave that state.  It may cause you chaos and harship in the short term.  However, in the long term you are better of as far away as possible from such a tyrranical and arrogant government as possible.

My second thought is on saying good bye to the National Basketball Association for ever.  I was sort of watching a game between the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonion Spurs.  Then, I noticed a Phoenix uniform that had "Los Suns" on it.

My firts reaction was one of an emotional "are you freaking kidding me".  Then I realized I did not approve of bulgar "New Yorkism".

However, as I kept watching I noticed the Spurs uniforms said "Los Spurs".  Again I sounded as if  I had been raised in the ghettos of New York.

Ok, I do not know if the NBA has decided to enter in to the national politics.  However, you are either playing a game for profit or you are a politician.

For me it is enough.  I have had it with corporations thinking they can influence their fan base with political influence. I am smart enough to know that hispanic encrouchment into American society has been more a detriment then a positive contribution.

Yesterday, I was thinking how Corporate America's manipulation of politicians is the reason for the current energy policy in America. Consumers can get mad at oil companies all they want.  However, until they are willing to stop buying gas, oil men will have all the money they need to buy as many politicians as they want to buy.

Now, as I am trying to relax in my home I see the NBA take a political posture that many in America have not made a for or against decision.

In addition, the correct translations for Suns is "Sols".  Spurs is "Espuelas".  Their uniforms should read "Los Sols" and "Los Espuelas" respectively. That's if you want a correct translation, without appearing "half and half" about it. 

Either way I am troubled by any American Professional team needing to get involved in immigration politics.  Every individual has the right to express his or her opinion.  When companies make a value judgement and allign themsleves on one side of the political debate or the other, they better get ready to accept what comes.

 I will never have anything to do with the NBA ever again.

on Mar 09, 2008

OK some advice. If you do not know the reasoning behind the Spurs jerseys than keep your comments. Have you ever been to San Antonio? No right. Well if you have ever been you know that it is a city rich in history and tradition. Also around this time of year they are celebrating Fiesta oh by the that might be why the San Antonio Spurs jerseys say Los Spurs it has nothing to do with politics Just a city that has tradition

on Mar 10, 2008
I am no advocate of the NBA in general, corporate American ass-holing in politics, or rediculous attempts to bring the southern brethren feelings of home and involvement in our sports.

So in all, I vastly agree. One detail is off, however. I only correct for accuracy so as to maintain a solid argument.

"Los Sols," or "Los Espuelas," would be inaccurate in the sporting world. Not only in Mexico, but also (unfortunately) as far south as Argentina, ESPN latin has spread the love of the NBA, pumping highlights of the only two latinos in the league for everyone to marvel in how super cool that spur is.

And they call them Los San Antonio Spurs, because it is the name of the team. Translating it is not needed.

The los is simply acting as "the" plural as any other team would put in front of their stupid team name.

An example from South America. The rival futbol teams are called Boca Juniors and River Plate. Boca Juniors is pronounced as in english because they were named after a team from england. However, River Plate is phonetically Ree-vare Plah-tuh because it means sliver river. If they were to wear jerseys in english (they wouldn't, because that's stupid) or be reported on ESPN in the US (they wouldn't because that too is stupid) they wouldn't call them the Silver River or River of Silver because it makes no sense with a language barrier.

Stupid or not though, they do call them Los Spurs, and Los Suns, and Los Rockets in spanish speaking countries.
on Mar 11, 2008
I don't really care about what you're talking about, but please, don't talk about things you ignore, for example, Spanish language. You think The Suns is translated as Los Sols? and The Spurs as Los Espuelas? Words ending in "L" take "es" to make plural. For example, tamal (singular) and tamales (plural), so saying "a tamale" is simply absurd. Then, espuelas is a feminine word, so you have to use the article "las". The Suns is translated as "Los Soles" and The Spurs as "Las Espuelas".
on Mar 13, 2008
First you say this
Ok, I do not know if the NBA has decided to enter in to the national politics. However, you are either playing a game for profit or you are a politician.

Then you say this
I am troubled by any American Professional team needing to get involved in immigration politics.

If you don't know then why make the second statement?

It's okay if you never want to spend another cent in the NBA but just so you know it's not like it's the first time the NBA has sold jerseys with teams in Spanish. They've done it for years. They do it because they know there's a big profit in it. You also act like there's something wrong with a business trying to make a profit.Why be in business then? I hope you don't think when they sell Houston Rocket jerseys in Chinese in China they're supporting communism. It's because there's a billion potential customers.