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Yahoo Advice Central 3
Published on June 7, 2006 By jesseledesma In Health & Medicine
What do I have to offer?

I believe our mental health issues are a reflection of our relationship with the one and only true God.

He made us for peace. The enemy prefers that we stress out, leave in fear, and abuse our selves with our extreme behaviors.

However, there is assistance when we cannot deal with the challenges of life. There are hotline numbers, community mental health centers, private mental health professionals, and church counselors.

I also, offer my services to the world community.

I have decided to hold office hours in a yahoo chat room called Advice Central 3. My nickname should appear as mrfussybear. However, if you manage to find the chat room and do not see the nickname mrfussybear just ask for jesseledesma. I will try to help you the best I can.

If you do not have yahoo messenger. You can get it atThe < a href=www.messenger.yahoo.com>Yahoo messenger website. You can use yahoo messenger for easy access to the chat room.

Because of laws, it must be clear what I am offering. I offer conversation in order to give orientation on what has helped me over come my challenges, which include money, jobs, mental health, friends, family, and romantic relationships.

Office hours are 2pm Mountain Time. I know when it is 2pm here in El Paso Texas it is 4pm in New York and 1pm in California.

I am not going to lie to you. This is a business venture. Nonetheless, you need no money to receive assistance understanding life.

My concept is simple. I offer “life orientation” in Christianity and issues of life and if a person is ever doing any net shopping I hope they keep my web site in mind.

This web site is < a href=”www.angelfire.com/psy/jesseledesma/>ALEGRIA ONLINE MALL. I have every thing from big name merchants like Wal-Mart, travel, gifts, jewelry, and lingerie among others.

If you cannot follow this link, just follow the http link at the bottom of this article.

MY PHILOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVE In the beginning there was suppose to be emotional contact between parent and child. The absence of appropriate, nurturing, and guiding emotional interaction left many with hang-ups and limitations.

Many grew up in abusive homes. These people can suffer from all mental issues related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Which can include emotional repression, nightmares, obsession with the abuse, denial, anger, violence, and an inability to function socially.

Many are victims of their own brain chemistry. Absence or abundance of neurotransmitters compels people to certain behaviors.

I would say the difference between people who harm them selves and people who do not is a failure to accept reality.

We all experience hardship and depending at which level you are (no emotional contact, abusive background, or brain chemistry complications) you response is going to be unique.

People who are frustrated that life is not the beautiful dream they wanted, in my opinion, have a higher propensity to harm themselves. However, life is what life. I have learned through experience if life hands you lemons you put it in your guacamole. I bet you thought I was going to say something different.

In addition, what life has thought you is also going to influence your spirit and your behavior. I am big proponent of cognitive behavior perspectives.

The moral of the message is that we all have good philosophical systems to help us meet the challenges of life. Some times, however, even we run out of answers.

I know God does not want any one to suffer. In addition, I have an honest desire to help people.

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