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Absent parent vs. Violent images.
Published on July 8, 2006 By jesseledesma In Health & Medicine
This BLOG entry is on violent media and violent behavior.

I see violence as an outward act that is the result of anger and high emotions. If I kick a soccer ball, am I being violent? I would say no. Now if I kick the soccer ball because it has made me angry then I am being violent.

Therefore, I say malicious intent is important. To many research studies on violence in media consider just mimicking a behavior as violent. I wonder how much a six year old knows about his or her behavior after punching a blow up doll he or she observed an adult punch earlier.

Know we do know that we learn by observing. In addition, what the majority of us observe is correct non-violent behavior. There are people who glorify violence and teach violence to their children,

Moreover, though most parents fail at meeting the needs of a developing child they do manage to share a moral philosophy with their children.

These moral philosophies are called control structures and restrict behavior. You may feel angry and want to act out violently. However, because of your parents telling you violence is wrong and will be punished you do not give in to your violent tendencies.

Now, I will admit that we live in American society were every day parents are paying less and less attention to their children and the society as a whole is giving developing children bad messages.

The fuel for this BLOG was that I heard a report on media violence and its effects on young developing mind.

The first thing I can say is that I am against the mainstream consensus that media violence influences violent acts in young people.

The first mistake with saying that violence in media influences violent acts is that you are generalizing; meaning one pattern fits all.

People are not the same. That is what actually makes the human experience interesting.

I have said before that what should happen is a lot of emotional and cultural conversation between parent and child. In this way, the child has his or her mental needs met and does not acquire any hang-ups and/or troublesome behavior.

I am surprised at how many parents are actually afraid to hug their kids; not to mention have an actual conversation.

Now, I would say you take a kid who was ignored by the parent, who has developed emotional hang-ups, and is exposed to violent media images and you may have a person who may exhibit violent practices.

However, I would not say exposing a kid who was given the appropriate emotional and intellectual nutrition to violent media and he or she will become a person who is going to walk in to his or her school and take out the principal.

I would say the greatest mistake violent media’s influence on violent behavior research makes is that they do not speak on the personality of the subjects studied in the research.

Through out life we develop a personality with moods, philosophies, and behaviors. Different people react differently to distinct situations.

I have seen about the same amount action and adventure movies that glorify violence and I not any more prone to violence then the next guy.

In fact, since I have encountered Jesus Christ I evaluate all my behaviors and find myself more attracted to the behaviors that bring peace like having a positive and healthy outlook. I still watch horror movies and action adventure movies and I have yet to shoot up a mall.

on Jul 08, 2006
Ok, so if I hit someone who is threatening/atacking me am I being violent or am I being sensible?

I don't know about the world you in which you live, but the one in which I live has a lot of predatory, violent people.
on Jul 09, 2006
Boy, you just missed the whole point. Didn't you.
on Jul 09, 2006
Not really, just being facetious.