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Healthy, Positive, and Realistic Approach
Published on January 17, 2007 By jesseledesma In Health & Medicine
[Under no circumstance is the following a substitute for medical or mental health treatment. Any one experiences medical and mental hardship they cannot manage should see a treatment professional.]

What do you tell a person who is suffering from serious emotional turmoil? Well you tell them the same thing you tell a diabetic or a person with heart trouble.

This is that you have an illness and the way to deal with it is through treatment.

The next point that is helpful is to stop scaring your self to death. There is nothing behind the corner waiting to devour you.

We know that depression comes from:

· An imbalance of serotonin in the brain.
· Loss of hope after experiencing set backs in life.
· The result of emotional, physical, psychological, and/or sexual abuse.
· Trauma.

Now there maybe other reasons for depression. However, the important point is that allowing extreme emotions to overwhelm you is not a good idea.

When we are depressed we begin to start put our self down and start to see everything as hopeless.

This usually leads to pain, which is intolerable and may lead us to dangerous behaviors.

I believe in the healthy and positive perspective. The faster we understand we have an illness the better. In addition, the faster we start to care for our selves the better.

When we are sick is not when we need to stop taking care of our selves. In fact it is when we are sick that we need to take care of our selves.

It helps a lot to have a realistic perspective. Yes things look bad but if we look at our lives we can see that we do have a home, meals, a place to sleep, friends, family, and hope in the future.

I have learned that emotions hang around no matter how positive we want to be in life. It is important for me to just put these emotions in their place.

They are there. They make me feel bad. However, I they cannot harm me or ruin me. In addition, extreme emotions do not mean I have permission not to get restful sleep, eat good meals, and maintain an income.

Oh, just so you know no matter how much you tell your self that people can see what you are going through, no one has the power to read minds.

Fear of people seeing the ramblings in our minds is just a self-created fear. It comes from being in a vulnerable state.

Therefore, realize your fears are figments of your imagination, negative thoughts are unproductive, be grateful for what you do have, realize emotions hurt but they cannot kill you, life is worth living, and with a little effort you can have a life.

on Jan 19, 2007
Hey idiot the articel is coping with depression. Not in depth study of depression. Get a life moron