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Productive, Positive, and Healthy Alternatives
Published on January 21, 2007 By jesseledesma In Health & Medicine
In life, we have the opportunity to choose bad philosophy or good philosophy. Unfortunately, many of us choose the wrong way.

I have seen how we involve ourselves in decisions just from having an idea that has to do with a need. For example, you meet someone on Tuesday at 3pm and by 415pm the same day you are engaged to be married.

Another example is you have been suffering from an annoying urge to leave your job so you finally quit on the spot. You never thought about all the implications of leaving your job. You just kept confronting a sense of quitting. Then you quit and you realize that you need the income and the job actually fit you well.

To me these types of spontaneous actions come from not organizing our life. We do live in era where people do not respect the value of work.

Work is where you earn money. If you want to purchase stuff well working is a good way to get the money for that stuff.

Unfortunately to many people trying to find the place where they can be happy and loved by every one. I will say it again, ā€œLife is not about what you want to do. Life is about what you have to do.ā€

However, we have spent many years being trained by society on how to be negative, skeptical, and pessimistic. This long-term conditioning is difficult to overcome. In fact, when we try to start to live in a different manner we find that we defeat our own efforts with out fears of failure.

Therefore, if life is stressing you out, you have reached your limits, and then you try something knew and you fail you will go right back to your previous unproductive behavior.

This is what I mean by we are own worst enemy. First, our perspective and vantage point is not good. We are trying to do things that are not in out best interest. Second, we are evaluating things in a false perspective. We face an obstacle and we start to think that it is not worth it or people are against us. Maybe people are against us. However, they can only do what we allow them to do to us.

Now, you may be asking your self what do I mean by foxhole mentality. We are in the fight and we can only see the battle. When we back up and get a different perspective, we can make different and better choices.

I know that in a war you have no choice but to fight. However, in life it helps to sit down and evaluate our actions. Our evaluation should be one that truly reflects our circumstances and can really assist us in making positive changes.

Our fears and maybe childish attitude has to take a back seat to our productive and positive actions. One day you will wake up and maybe realize that you have been chasing false dreams.

I hope that it will not be when you longer have time to take constructive steps.

Again, God is in charge and you can try anything, but until you settle things with God you will not find your true place in life or fulfillment.

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