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Not the same as Bush's tax cut.
Published on February 23, 2008 By jesseledesma In Politics

I am going to try to tie together all my thoughts. My mind is trying to balance my initial goals of mental health with my current devotion to politics.

Life is about feeling stress free. This does not mean there will not be stress just that you will be able to manage this stress.

Now, I have enough an education in human psychology to know that the human experience is a combination of the biology, chemistry, thoughts, emotions, and spirituality.

In addition, one of my biggest self-revelations is that we are all a product of our environment. Therefore, who teaches us as children is as important as the work environment we find our selves in today.

Mental health issues come about through emotional and psychological stress. Parents denying their children love is a form of emotional abuse. It may not have been intentional. However, there you are with a parent who does not hug or who does not say, "I Love You" and a child feeling bad.

Furthermore, there are more mean people in the world. All their behavior towards children has an effect on how the child will develop psychologically.

The big reason adults are such miserable people is they are suffering from a certain amount of psychological duress. This duress was caused by people who themselves were suffering from duress.

When did the cycle start? Well one of the biggest stressors in life in financial security. Government directly and indirectly effects how much a person can earn, which consequently effects how much financial security a person can get in life.

Government also allows environmental elements harmful to the human psyche, such as pornography, slothfulness, and abortion.

Therefore, the person is being abuse mentally by people and parts of his or her environment. Hence, when people say it does not matter who wins a presidential election, they are wrong.

Government will either incarcerate criminals and or rehabilitate these criminals or people will become victims of crime.

Government will either stop excusing people from work or will require that everyone be productive, which is far more healthier then not having anything to do in life.

Government will either let a parent parent or it will give the children the false impression they do not have to obey their parents.

See indulgence and no limits makes a person who thinks he can have anything but does not have to work for it.

Which all lead to forms of stressors that make people unable to cope and unable to parent.

Mr. McCain is not a person I respect or trust. I will emphatically state that he will win the presidency in 2008 because in the up-coming debates between the democrat nominee and the republican nominee Mr. McCain will show that Obama is nothing more then a empty vessel, with no real substance.

Now will Mr. McCain add to the hardship of the individual and continue to allow federal government to contribute to the decay of US society? This may to big a question to answer.

McCain speaks of fiscal responsibility. America needs this. Under no circumstance should America keep borrowing from the Chinese.

McCain was against Bush’s tax cuts. The cost of running America has to be born by all who benefit from American government. Therefore, taxes need to be raised. They need to be raised to settle American debt and to fund the American government appropriately.

This does not mean that Bush was wrong on his tax cuts. The Boston Tea party was all about unfair taxes. This is an American principal. What Mr. Bush did was return to the tax payers the amount they were over charged by government. The American government made a profit of the tax payer because Clinton and company over billed the tax payer. Governments are not suppose to make a profit.

McCain dilemma is a different one. America is now carrying enormous debt because of entitlement programs. Both the congress and the president have failed in having a heart to heart talk with the people in the US about government not being able to fund all these social programs.

Therefore, McCain will either take on the needed task of putting America’s financial house in order or he and congress will continue to jeopardize American security by over spending.

A while back I predicted Hillary would not get the nomination. Now it appears I may have been right. It does not matter. Hillary nor Obama will be fiscally responsible.

Neither Hillary nor Obama will continue the war on "Terror". I want to hear every day the 2000 militant extremist have died. Death for the enemy is the only solution for this problem.

The other major American challenges is the human spirit. Will people be able to appreciate what they have and enjoy their blessings?

This is an individual responsibility. Government cannot make you satisfied with you life or make you feel secure.

Government will either allow a peaceful, healthy, and nurturing environment or it will create chaos.

An environment were the individual does not recognize his or her responsibility to him or herself is chaotic, which is what we have in America today.

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