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Time for the polished professional.
Published on February 25, 2008 By jesseledesma In US Domestic

Of the two presidential "wannabes" in the democratic summer camp Hillary Clinton has a more realistic view of political direction and has a more professional presentation.

I know you all are thinking this conservatie has lost his mind.  Well I have not.  I do not like democrats.  I think they are the worst evil that exist in America.

In my mind, nothing is worse than some one with false promises playing with people's dreams.

However, if democrats are to be taken serious then they pick a candidate based on qualifications and experiencne not their "pretty quotion".

The race in the democrats is a dead heat.  It is anyones game. 

In addition, Ms. Clinton has as much right as anyone to run and compete as long as she or he wants.

Of course maybe she should run on her own inovative initiatives, not her husband's coat tails.  Ah, but that is her problem.

Moreover, whats with the hostility?  Tell peope your plan.  Let your vision speak for itself.  I cannot believe I am helping Hillary.

See what I would do is start talking about my policy initiatives if I found my self at the "fork in the road" Hillary is in now.

You let the news make you defense.  Now they are running you and you signaling weakness by backing up as they attack. Therefore, stop reacting to the news negative reports and talk politics.

Furthermore, leave the empty speech at home. How do you plan to deal with the deficiet, crime, salary/wages, education, Social Security, terrorism, healthcare, corruption in politics, military spending, college grants, food inspections, alternative fuels, and Supreme Court judges?

You are right. Obama is all fluff.  However, instead of getting mad at him, show his flaws by showing how you have better innitiatives.

Time for the polished, well spoken, and professional to step on to the stage.

Leave all this trying to emotionally connect with the people behind and just speak the issues.

People  will respect you cause you look like a normal person and they will listen because you are giving them useful information they can use to make an informed decision.


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