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I have come here in defense of Christianity.  Mr. Barak Hussien Obama is having to answer for his association with a Pastor who obviously has some very extreme views.  For those who have heard the rhetoric of Afro-American political radicals it is all old news. 

However, Mr. Obama has to explain why he has been attending a church for the last twenty years with views as extreme as the Pastor who runs this church. 

My concern is the obvious attempt by the same people to try to make this a negative attack on Church's and Christianity.  I probably am having the hardest time in my relationship with God that I have ever had in my whole life.  However, this relationship matters a lot to me and I take it very seriously.

I can further add that I see 95 percent good examples.  These are the examples that matter to me.  This pastor who rants about bad America and bad white Americans to me is just a unique person with mental health problems.  In my life, I use the "law of rationality" a lot.  If you are driving by a building fire and the fire fighters are sitting down and playing cards, you may say that is not rational behavior under the circumstances and judge the fire fighters as deficient human beings.

A person who has had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, has a made a sincere calling for Christ to be his Lord and Savior, has the Holy Spirit in him, and is working in God's mission of fortifying the members of the congregation with spiritual nourishment is very irrational when he speaks with vile and viscous language.

Mr. Barak has attended this church as has been subject to this pastors rants for twenty years.  Any association with such a person is an irrational behavior for a person who is suppose to be about "hope" and "change".   I heard some of the recorded comments of this pastor.  The language was very harsh, insulting, and not dignant of a servant of God.

However, his behaviors implicate him as a bad person and do not detract from god's awesome grace.  Today, I heard radio talk show hosts complain about how many people criticized Mitt Rommey and his life miserable classifying him as a member of a cult.  I was of these people.  Hence, I felt obligated to come here in defense of God and Christianity.

I am no theological scholar.  However, I believe in justice and fairness.  To many of us, the Mormon church is a cult.  Our authority to speak comes from our relationship with God, reading the Bible, and wanting to assist God deliver His message.  There cannot be many truths.  There can only be one truth.

That's why in my opinion  Mr. Obama cannot call himself a Christian.  No self-respecting person with great sense of responsibility for the crucifixion of Christ would consider any supporter of killing unborn children a Christian.  It is irrational for a Christian to support killing unborn babies.

Moreover, a real Christian would not sit through such vicious speech as I heard today coming from the former pastor of Obama's church.  Before, I accepted Christ's invitation to Heaven, I used to be bugged by the way Mr. Falwell used to express himself on certain issues.  I even wrote him an email once to explain why certain speech is not correct.  However, I never saw Mr. Falwell come even 1 percent close to what I heard today.

It is sad when individuals with unique personalities infuse themselves in God's business and do more to promote their evil vision of the world then provide needed guidance to the members of the congregation.  The one questions I have are "why do I keep hearing that it is against the law for Pastors to speak about politics from the pue and why has no one ever stopped this pastor".  What I heard seemed like political speech to me.  If it is against the law for pastors, priest, and ministers to use their church for politics, then when Mr. Obama was in the audience listening to these hate speeches he was a "witness to a crime".  Did Mr. Obama report this crime?

Now, the man in question is Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.. The church is Trinity United Church of Christ. Fox news on a Fox web site states [ "The Audacity of Hope," which essentially launched his presidential bid, was taken from a sermon by Wright.]  The "he" in the quote is Mr. Barak Hussien Obama.

Let me say that there is an organized community among the Christian church society.  Real and valid Churches have sponsors and church leaders report their ministry credentials.

I visited the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC).  I could not find any information on the web site to suggest that it is one church in a group of churches.  I make this point because I applied for and received a license as A reverend from a church on the Internet.  With this license I can open my own church and run it under any philosophy I want to.

It is my opinion that TUCC is an independent church in which its leadership only answer to themselves, not a corporate body that includes other churches.

The fox news story information is as follows:

As Obama Talks Religion, Questions Surround His Controversial Pastor

Monday, October 08, 2007

By Cristina Corbin

on Mar 13, 2008

Very interesting.

on Mar 18, 2008

I find it interesting (man I say that word a lot) how you always point out these things to "Jesus" and yet he never responds to them. He continues to come to this site and continues to post like an average person as if no one has ever pointed this out to him before. Talk about a guys who's got "ignoring" down to a science.