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Published on May 2, 2008 By jesseledesma In Life

So, I was thinking about the big picture.  We know that humanity will continue.  In addition, we know that life is now taken over by the "modern industrial complex".  We also know that this business plan is causing a lot of angst and economic hardship on people.  Moreover, the US of A has for a long time set the path and tempo in the world.

Therefore, what is next for the US and the world?  Will liberalism and socialism take over America?  Will America continue to be an economic super power?  A better question is what becomes of the human spirit now that money has replaced God?

Let me say that there is great evidence that America still rules economically.  Today it was reported that unemployment is down half a point, the dollar is increasing, and jobs in certain sectors are growing.  I have also seen some reports that state that there is a decline in oil consumption at a time when oil production has increased.

See, one of the things economic experts cannot gauge is human spirit.  For all intent and purpose the American economy should be in the dumps.  In previous economic down turns news people have managed to scare of the American investor.  The modern investors knows there are challenges but continues forward with his or her trusty computer researching minimal risks. 

The American has lots of cash.  This may not be the story for some, but many in America have investment capital and researching the market to find "good buys".  Even though the experts retort that the investor really should be more careful and things should be worse, this new intelligent investor with a library of knowledge keeps buying and selling.

In light of this scenario, what do I think is next to come.  Well all things indicate that those who do not hustle for them selves will be left out.  The modern investor is growing his or her wealth, which means there will be less for those who are not investing. 

Therefore, economic hardship and emotional agony should increase.  The modern industrial complex is bad at helping people develop and bad at helping people get their needs met.  Intimacy does not come from a job.  Parents involved in the "corporate quest" are not bonding with their children and guiding their children.  This to me means the number of dissatisfied and hurting people will increase.

We all know this means society will bare the brunt of this strike.  Crime, under age pregnancy, gangs, drug/ alcohol abuse, and many other social ills will increase.

Of course an even bigger problem is the mind set of the average modern person.  The liberal news has managed to brain wash many with the liberal "do what you want as long as it makes you happy" philosophy.  I met a 23 year old blonde greened eyed girl who leaves in Mexico.  We were talking about was going on in the world.  She had all mantras of the liberal news.  "Bush is bad"  "We had no right to go into Iraq".  "The Muslim people did not do anything to us.  "All Bush wants is oil".  She even ended our conversation by saying she respected Muslim extremist.  I asked twice and she repeated "yes I respect them", meaning the terrorist.

Now were did such a young person get such misguided ideas?  The answers is by the brainwashing efforts of the liberal news media.  There is a reason why people are cynics and skeptics.  That reason is because all they see in the news media is how everything does not work.

Ok there is another reason.  We are growing up and being allowed to develop a bad attitude.  Parental guidance and correction are at an all time low.  Parents do not know were their children are or what opinions their children have of the world.  In some cases the parent is right their to reinforce the negative perception spewed by the media.


Therefore, with an obsession with money and no investment in developing good human values the future is bleak for America. Many more people are going to find it harder to find a spouse, a good paying job, and even a purpose.

If you want to torture a person, keep them from their dreams.  Nothing is worse then having to live every day knowing you failed in life and that there is no remedy.  Throw on top of that meager opportunities to meet your basic needs and being alone and you have a very troubled person.

Man, I am starting to depress myself.  Okay, let me see if I can develop the answer to this dilemma.  I wrote some time ago about being grateful for what we have and enjoying the life we do have.  When and if life does not turn out they way you wanted, be grateful for the milk still in the glass.

You know we are even fortunate to even be alive.  We are miserable people to the one who gave us life, and He really does not have to keep putting up with us.  Yet He gives us the day. 

This day can be one of freight, angst, and depression or we can look at the day with a better attitude.  Yeah, I know it is hard.  The majority wants to be mean.

However, enjoy the melody in your heart.  Look inside you and find the real nice you who is an optimist.  This may sound mushy, but great life with a smile.

Very few people really are with out.  If you have a home, meals, attire, health, and the "land of opportunity" you are blessed more then some.

In addition, do you know that voice that keeps telling you to get up and keep going? That is God.  Never just sit there crying.  You won't accomplish anything.  Better to stand up and keep moving forward.

Search the road of friends, family, recreation, appreciation, accomplishment, relaxation, progress, health, charity, and all the positive rest and you will be moving in the right direction.

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