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The congressional elections of 2008 in the United States of America have not even been held yet and the conservatives are already giving up the ghost of Republican candidates.  I keep hearing how many expect the "demos" to gain seats in the House and the Senate.  Some even think the "demos" will have a controlling majority of congress.

Well this can happen if no one does anything.  I learned to day that 435 House districts and 33 Senate districts will be having elections in 2008.  I urge everyone who cares about the conservative movement to get involved in helping out the congressional rep in their area who is vying for election in 2008.

If we can stomach a McCain, surely we can stomach some of these other louses and help them get elected.  I do not think it is over and written in stone that the democrats will win big in the congress in 2008.  The only way these democrats can have such a victory if no conservatives get involved in the voting process.

In Texas, John Cornyn is running for reelection in the Senate.  Mr. Sylvester Reyes who was appointed to head an important intelligence committe but does know the tribes in Iraq and Iran is the Us House Rep were I live.  Cornyn is a republican.  Therefore, he can stay.  Mr. Reyes needs to go.  You can find your US House Rep at http://www.house.gov/ and your US Senator at http://www.senate.gov/index.htm.

In addition, to electing a president, electing congressional members is just as important.  With out a doubt McCain will be the next US president.  I do not see McCain as a tough negotiator.  I foresee a weak semi-liberal/semi- conservative McCain struggling to gain the support and cooperation of any majority in congress.  He has not being elected and he is already a lame duck president.  That is what happens when you straddle the fence.  No one trust you and/or wants to work with you.

I do not think the people of America should suffer because of McCain's "fence politics".   Every conservative is going to have to fight for their own piece of the pie. This means getting a candidate in office the is a true conservative.  Bush and the rest of us had to deal with many Democratic wolves in Republican lamb's clothing.

This time around get started early.  Get to know who is running to represent you in congress and elect a true blue conservative.  Staying at home defeated because you think the American liberal news media has harmed the Republican party by trashing Bush every chance they get is not going to accomplish anything.

Republicans in congress and in the Republican party have lost my respect.  It is almost as if they are scared to say anything for fear of being harshly criticized by the liberal press.  Well all the liberal press knows how to do is make Republicans look bad. 

Furthermore, what is more important money or principal?  Many republicans may hold on to their office by playing the liberal news media game of trashing conservative values, but will they hold on to their self-respect?



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