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Well, the video that is suppose to be here is the Living Colour Cult of Personality.


I have decided to add some things to my BLOG.  The first thing is a daily video that relates with the issue being discussed in the blog or that may inspire.  Then, I am going to add a Religious and Mental Health title.

So, far I gave just being challenging myself to write on the critical issues of the day  However, I now I feel obligated to return to my original reason for my blog which was to help people with information on dealing with crisis and distress.



I chose the above video because I believe it describes Obama’s political run for the presidency so far.  In my opinion, Obama is a candidate of fake charm and charisma and  no substance.



I sort of had a conversation with a person about homosexuality.  In this talk I never mentioned God.  However, just because I said I could not counsel homosexuals because I see it as facilitating the problem, this person automatically called me a religious bigot.

Now, the modern world has given itself over completely to its sin.  This does not mean that God will change.  God has told every single one of us what He expects and the consequences for disobedience.



I will always be a firm believer in people’s ability to help themselves by putting things in perspective, focusing on the positive, and accepting reality.



Well several months ago I predicted the political death of Ms. Hillary Clinton.  My point was that the democrats would not choose a person who could not get elected.  Little did I know that in less time then a year Mr. Obama would become less politically desirable then Ms. Clinton.  Clinton actually got more of the popular vote. 

The only reason Obama got the nomination was because of the “super delegates”.  However, I thought these delegates said they would not usurp the will of the people.  Seems to me that is what they did exactly.

I know politics is dirty business.  However, what happen to Obama being a different type of politician?  What concerns me is his sarcastic laugh as he attempts to answer conservative criticisms of him. 

Obama and Hillary both hold the same beliefs.  They believe in the right to abortion, government handouts, universal healthcare, bailing out people who spent more than they could afford, and government regulation of business.

I wonder if these are their real beliefs.  They both have sold books.  Would they like government at any level to tell them how much their books could sell for, what kind of material they should be made of, and what the content should be in the book.  I bet they would answer no.

However, Obama wants to start creating a government that tells people how much to drive, how hot or cold their homes can be, and who their health insurance and health care provider should be in America.

I cannot believe that this person does not know the harm of suppressing incentive to invest.  The reason America is the nation she is is because of her freedoms which allow people to achieve success through hard work.

I do not hate oil companies.  I know their leadership are behaving immoral and unethical.  However,  oil is their property and they can do with it what they want.

The only government regulation I believe in is the one that protects the health and life of the consumer.  There are many companies that would pollute and/or sell defective products at will.

In reality many politicians sell defective ideas to citizens every day.  The American economy will not get better with government interference.   People working and people buying will make the American economy improve.

It is false to say Bush has ruined the economy.  Mr. Bush is not the principal investor who holds most of the companies in his hands.  Private citizens own companies and economic environmental factors have changed.  This change has resulted in increase in prices.  Time to economize and live with in our means.

In addition, time to see politicians for who they are in reality.  Obama believes in two Americas.  One is the America where the rich are eating the flesh of the poor.  The other is where the poor are victims of the rich. 

I do not see it.  In a nation where every one has access to education and jobs I do not see how people can blame the rich for what is missing in their lives.

I blame the poor for being poor.  We all grew up in this same place, with the same values.  How come I know about living a responsible life and practice it and they do not?  Again, I ask is there some thing in the air or water that infects people and makes them poor?

Okay, I am starting to sound like a one trick pony knocking Obama for his social-economic policies.  Well, this country interest me.  This is where I hang my hat.  It’s the place I call home.  The place I love and feel safe in.

In addition, I have looked in to what makes people poor.  Much has to do with the attitudes acquired while growing up.  This modern world is infected with the negative.  Respect is a distant concept.  Many are  denied the values of work and taking control of their lives.  Many are denied intimacy and try to compensate for the emptiness with sex and material gains.

Moreover, the politicians know people are to stressed to pay attention. Therefore, they do what they want.  The missing link  is the rational voter with real values who recognizes what they have earned is what belongs to them, not what their neighbor has in life.  Those things belong to the neighbor. 

Therefore, Obama taking the nomination from a person who got more votes then he only shows that is politics as usual.  In addition, the old politics of pitting the poor against the rich is not new.  Moreover, the rich are the reason there are jobs in America.  Why would any one want to remove people who have shown they how to succeed in business and replace them with people who have proven all they know how to do is fail?



on Jun 07, 2008
Obama's just goin' on popularity 'cause he's so deficient in actual politics.
on Jun 08, 2008