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     Today, again I have on my mind the American citizen.  Now, I know there is no homogenized national identity.  Therefore, there is no one personality that identifies the voter.

     What concerns me is if the American voter is prepared enough to make crucial decisions about who is "fit" to lead the nation.  I read web sites, listen to radio news, and listen to conservative talk radio.  This is because it is either fill my time in the taxi or go crazy from boredom.   However, I am learning.

      In my opinion, most of the people in America get there information from the radio on their way to work or from network news at home.  I do not think that many people read newspapers anymore.  I personally see no need to read a newspaper when I have the Internet at my disposal.

      The reason for my concern is that some people are actually supporting Obama even though they have heard everything about him that is known so far.  Is it that they do not care?  I support George W. Bush.  This does not mean I would tolerate anything he does.

     Obama has serious flaws.  He has a narrow perception of America.  I think he only thinks that America is a third world nation.  In addition, Mr. Obama talks about "judgement".  I do not think it was good judgement to be part of Jeremia Wright's church for twenty years.  I do not think it was good judgement to have a fundraiser thrown for him by a person who has conducted terrorist attacks on American institutions.  It definitely not think it is good judgement to try and win the presidency by the politics of social divisiveness.  To attempt to steal from the rich to feed the poor is going to further divide America.

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      However, his supporters do not see Mr. Obama's flaws.  I see crowds of people cheering him on.  People all over America are saying he would be a good president.  Haven't they seen the criticism of him?

     What I remember of most presidential races is the "lingering innuendo".  Candidates say things that are not true, have no basis, and cannot be disproved just to have that idea of something is wrong with this "fella" lingering around in the minds of the American people.

      The problem is that people's criticisms of Obama are not just innuendo.  Obama known's Bill Ayres, the radical terrorist of the late 60's.  However, his supporters do not let it bother them.  Could it be that they are just as radical as Mr. Obama.

     Is there a sub-population of disgruntle citizens who  think America is the enemy?  I know there are a lot of dissatisfied Americans.  However, are there a lot of people who think everything wrong in their life is because of America and therefore America needs to be punished?

      The bigger question is if there are enough of this type of people in America to get Obama elected?  If there are what will America look like if and when Mr. Obama gets elected president?

      I think in life we can be optimist or pessimist.  Obama sounds like a pessimist to me.  I think the only thing standing in the way of a person and an enjoyable life is attitude.  We paint things in the negative.

       Government does have an effect on our lives.  However, is not responsible for every bad decision we have made.


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on Jun 27, 2008

I live in Australia and i don't hear much detail about anything to do with the American election, penty of brief headlines though!

I have noticed that David Letterman never puts negative jokes on him like he does to Clinton or Bush.

I thought at first it was some kind of sick joke when i heard his name! I mean it is still pretty funny to be honest.... lets play a game and pick the word that dousn't fit: Iotola, Obama, Hussein, Gedafi, Jihad,,,, Barak! Hehehe, what is 'barak' there for, did his parents slip up or is there some other horror that exists with a similar sounding name to 'Barak'?

I have seen a brief glimpse of Obama here and there. When i first saw him appear on the scene i knew instantly that he would defeat Clinton. The reason i knew is because as a Christian myself, i know what direction the world needs to go, in order for the bible to be forfilled. Obama strikes me as a prime candidate for that task, and i am sure he will become president on that same basis. Perhaps he is not 'the one' but a link in the chain so to speak.

Anyhow, you guys in America don't get to choose your presidents anyway, its out of the voters hands.