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     I never thought I would write in support of Mr. McCain.  However, he is the only choice in the conservative corner.  In addition, I know he is not 100% conservative.  A lot about what he says about controlling salaries of CEO's concerns me.  His stance on embryonic stem cells also concerns me.

     However, consider the alternative.  Mr. Obama thinks that the only people who matter in America are the 15% who have trouble managing their lives.  Through out his campaign all I have heard him say is how America is in an economic crisis and the people deserve change.

     In the last year certain economic challenges have presented themselves.  Gas has reached over four dollars a gallon.  Many are loosing their homes.  The jobless rate has started going up.  In addition, because of oil prices food and energy prices are going up.

     I say these are modern day challenges.  Through out his presidency Mr. Bush has enjoyed a growing economy.  Unemployment went down.  The American citizen became a savvy saver and investor.  Part of the housing problem was people buying house, not to live in, but to sell.  A glut of homes flooded the market.  Then immoral people sold expensive homes to people with low incomes.

     However, even after 9/11, the hurricanes and floods, and oil price increases the American economy is performing well.  Ninety four percent of the people who want to work are working.  America has more millionaire and billionaires then ever before in American history.  Salaries and wages are going up.  I find it interesting that the democrats say salaries are going down.  The economic reports I read state salaries have increased in America.  In addition, didn't the democrats increase the federal minimum wage.

      Therefore, the American economy has challenges, but they are manageable.  However, if Obama takes office he will start increasing the government through "taxing and spending" and the American economy will suffer.  With a gaff Hillary retorted that she had a lot of plans but government couldn't afford them.  Obama's social policy initiatives are worse.  He has told  all of us what he wants to do when and if he takes office.

     This why I say every conservative needs to get over his or her disappointment with McCain and prepare to support him.  As Dr. Pill says, consider the alternative.  Moreover, I didn't get his name wrong.  I call Dr. Phil, Dr. Pill.

     Under no circumstances can we allow a person who will destroy the American economy to take office when America is facing such a crucial challenge as terrorism.  It takes money to buy guns, ammo, and bombs.  Terrorist are not going anywhere.  They think they have a religious significant war they have to wage. 

      In my opinion, the only way America can deal with continuing challenge of global terrorism is by maintaining a strong economy.  America works when Americans work.  There needs to be a person in the White House who respects the principals of free market economy and personal responsibility.  This is McCain.


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