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Published on August 12, 2008 By jesseledesma In Blogging

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The requirements for the president of the United States are as follows:

1. Natural Born Citizen.

2. At Least 35 Years Of Age.

3. Resident of US for 14 years.

By these requirements it is easy to see that no particular education and or experience is needed.  However, let us not be fooled.  Today’s world does need a person who knows how to manage, knows the principles that built America, knows foreign diplomacy, and is able to deal with an even more increasingly complicated world.  This is not just any regular person who meets the requirements set by the American constitution.

Furthermore, it is not important for Obama to win because it will show many of those disenfranchised that any one can be president.  It is important for an honest and sincere person who can dispense the duties of the president to win.  This is not Obama.

If we are going to apply such loose requirement, why can’t a muderer or rapist who has not been found guilty get elected president.  The reason is that many Americans would not knowingly vote for a rapist or murderer. Moreover, the question of “agenda” comes up.  What would the policy initiatives of a criminal be when elected president?

I know that many of you are probably upset that I am comparing Obama to a criminal.  I wanted to make a point.  A criminal does not have the moral character to be president.  Obama has more than lied on many occasions.  Therefore, he is dishonest.  Obama keeps changing his “point of view”.  Therefore, he is insincere.

I am sure that with in the community of minorities and immigrants there is one person who is honest, sincere, and meets the constitutional requirements for the presidency.  This person should run for the office.

Wait there is still one major problem.  The individual who wants to be president should know how to keep America successful. Again America works when Americans work.  In addition, in the land of opportunity, no one has an excuse for not making it.

Even though Laura Ingraham scoffs at people who earn around $27,000, I get by just fine with my income. My monthly expenses are around $1000.  This leaves enough for life and health insurance and saving and investing.   I learned a long time ago not to be controlled by credit card debt.

Ok, so many of you would not make it in your cities with such a small income. I am sure there are very expensive places to live in America.  However, who has you tied to that city.  Many men here in stupid El Paso, Texas suffer with their income because the women who trapped them in to marriage does not want to move away from their families.

Seems stupid to me.  We can all move and find a better place to build our lives.  We can all work some extra hours in order to pay off those credit cards.  Government should not be in the business of excusing people from their responsibilities. 

This week I have been hearing that Obama wants to increase taxes for people making more than 200,000  a year,  Aren’t these the people who keep the economy going?  Don’t they buy, build business, and use services?

Moreover, I know that Social Security and Medic Aid are going to bankrupt America.  Almost every government audit comes up with the same conclusion.   Therefore, how much more will “universal healthcare and the government taking over people’s mortgage payments” bankrupt the nation.   It is irresponsible of Obama to make so many promises knowing the money is not there for all these government programs.

In conclusion, Obama should not get elected just to prove “any person can be president”.  All people in America need to be respected by their government.  We all benefit from federal government. We should all pay for it.  It is not fair that those who succeed have to pay for those who won’t try to succeed.

Anything and everything a person needs for personal success is available in America. The only thing missing is people who know how to follow good principles and are personally responsible. 


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