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     Today, I will speak on McCain, my new project at justin tv, and Hillary Clinton’s visit to the “sucky” town I live in.  That is right.  Ms. Clinton will be visiting this miserable town on Saturday the 25th of October 2008.  Darren Meritz reports in the El Paso Sunday times of October 19, 2008, That Ms Clinton will be in El Paso, Texas to attend a fundraiser for congressman Sylvester Reyes.  I was wondering what those dark clouds looming over the other side of the mountains were about.

     As for McCain, I am starting to call him McPain.  The reason is that Mr. McCain just appears to want to loose.  No matter how many lies Obama and company tell McCain does not try to correct the record. 

     This has upset the conservative talk show radio host like Mr. Rush Limbaugh.  I have heard reports that Limgbaugh said we are going to have to carry McCain across the finish line.  In addition, I am so tired of Laura Ingraham’s ranting and raving over McCain I think I am developing an aversion to Mrs. Ingraham.

    I have come to some conclusions.  Mr. McCain cannot talk about conservative economic principles because he is not among people who subscribe to conservative economic principles.  I have heard  Mr. McCain promote ideas such as bailing out people who have defaulted on their mortgages.  McCain believes government can regulate greed.  In a free market people are going to try and get more than they are allowed by honest means.  How can any one regulate greed?

     This does not matter.  Mr. Limbaugh taught me a very profound lesson.  This is that there will always be politics.  Even though we hope that McCain wins because Obama is to dangerous, the reality is that this political season will pass and a new one will begin in the future.

     For myself, I have already giving up the ghost.  I have resigned myself that McCain will probably loose.  This does not mean I have become comfortable with an Obama presidency.  I will never recognize Obama as the president of the United States of America.  He does not deserve this honor.

    However, it does not matter.  No matter who wins politics will remain the same.  Sixty percent of Americans will not bother to vote, many because they do not want to be called to “jury duty”.  Americans are dying in Iraq to defend the rights of Americans and many are so petty and selfish that they won’t register to vote just so their meaningless little lives won’t be inconvenienced with “jury duty”.

     This point is important because as long as the politician do not fear the majority things will remain the same.  One of my greatest dislikes of Obama is how he cynically ridicules his critics.  By now most people have heard of “Joe the Plumber”.  After this event in the news, Mr. Obama trashes this guy for his beliefs.  I am curious if Obama only wants to be president of people who agree with him.  Isn’t it wrong for any person desiring to be president to severely attack a private citizen?  Yes it is.  However, it is done in these modern political times because politicians know they have nothing to fear from the majority.

     Many are out to lunch and happy to stay that way.  I still here people comment only fools obsess on politics as they criticize those of us who pay attention and care.  In addition, the chorus of “there is nothing you can do” can still be heard through out America.


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     Some one will win.  However, how will that translate to action?  Just so you know.  The democrats were not able to defund the war in Iraq because of public pressure.  This same pressure will result in no Obama “universal healthcare” and no “universal university education”. Both programs will cost a lot of money and cost politicians votes.  Therefore, because there is no majority in America the system is rigged for ineffectiveness.  Each side only fears their voters. No one fears 80 percent of Americans turning against them and throwing them out of office.

     This thought has stuck in my head.  I could never support a democrat because they violate the first rule of life, which is to preserve life.  After that is all that rhetoric of gifting people a free life.  As far as I am concerned every one should have to work.

     I do not think that whoever gets elected will be able to take America in the right direction with their work effort.  Americans and people of other nations do not share the same morality.  I have said before America no longer has Allies.  She has business partners with questionable moralities.  This means the “war on terror” is going to be challenging effort.  It is in the best interest of America to know her goals and pursue these goals with all means necessary.  However, any president who is naive about the selfishness of other world leaders will not be able to administrate the “war on terror”.  In addition, the citizen wants to blame everyone else for their failures and many politicians are more then willing to play surrogate father to a misbehaving child they cannot control.  To me this means the national debt will not be paid down and Americans will become weak and less productive.

   In my opinion, the great challenges for America are killing as many terrorist as possible and paying down the national debt as soon as possible.  Terrorist have not gone into hiding.  Right now the consensus in the terrorist community is let Rough Shot Bush leave office before we attack America again.  Because of Afghanistan and Iraq terrorist are afraid of American reprisal if they attack America again.   However, put in office a weak appeaser and watch what will happen.  I heard a person speak on how Clinton lowering the funding for the military and intelligence gathering departments contributed to the attacks of September 11, 2001.  Many of us keep saying never again.  However, I am convinced that if a person who appears weak gets elected to the presidency, the terrorist will go crazy and attack at will.

    As for the economy, productive citizens contribute to the tax revenue of America.  Obama’s social initiatives will cost money and discourage investment.  People who know they are going to be taxed more for generating more wealth will search and find investment opportunities outside of America, which will result in less tax revenue.

     Lets take a simple change in the law.  Congress in considering taking out the tax protection away from 401k investments and other retirement investment.  What congress has not considered is that the only reason those monies are in  investment retirements accounts is because of the tax protections.  Take out the tax protection from retirement accounts and people will not contribute to a retirement account.  Therefore, the 80 billion congress thinks it is loosing because people are not paying taxes on their retirement accounts will disappear if congress changes the law.  No money in investment accounts, no money to tax.  If I had a choice between spending and enjoying my money or giving it to tio Obama, I think I would buy a small boat and travel.

   Tell me the incentive to loose money.  Obama and democrats don’t get that.  They think they will change the law and raise taxes and people will behave the same.  I will not think bad of any American who in order to protect them selves from Obama’s high taxes finds investments outside of America.  I am going to find new place to keep my little money.  In fact, in my business I can control  my income.

      When I resigned myself to the fact I was going to die as a taxi driver I set certain standards in order to maintain some integrity.  These involved buying my own taxi and working to maintain a 25, 000 a year earnings.  In addition, I found myself very close to America and her struggles during Afghanistan and Iraq that I wanted to meet my goals in order to pay more taxes to help America.  I even considered reporting more income than I made just to pay more taxes.

     Okay, you are probably asking your self if I have lost my mind.  No, I have not.  I wanted to help America that even though the chronic fatigue and major depression were tossing me all over the place I would stay in my cab fortified by the idea that I was being a responsible person, trying to help a great nation.

    I do not see a need for these sentiments anymore.  Mr. Obama thinks people who are personally responsible and self-reliant are a joke.  I have heard his cynical ridicule of people. In one debate he actually said the free market is not the answer to everything with a smirk on his face.  The free market along with the values and principles set forth by the founding fathers of America built America.  The free market is always going to be a better answer then “governmental forced charity”.

    In closing, I am trying to get an internet television channel, jesseledesma's spirit channel, up an running on justin tv web site.  My plan was to make it a channel for life management and crisis intervention.  In addition, I had planned to move from the BLOG format and move to the media and internet format.  However, I have decided to keep contributing to my BLOG.

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