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     Yes, I want Obama to fail.  Evil men should not be rewarded.  Now, how do I support my claim that Obama is an evil man?  Mr. Obama had a close relationship with Reverend Wright and an acquaintance with a terrorist, Mr. Ayres. Furthermore, the manner in which he won the White House was sinister, unethical, and immoral.  He lied deliberately in order to manipulate the hearts and minds of Americans.

     Furthermore, he is part of a ploy to undermine the freedoms and liberties Americans enjoy.  I have heard on several occasions that the American congress is debating taking people’s private pension plans away from Americans and putting the monies in the Social Security Trust Fund.  Aren’t these private pension plans personal property?  I wonder how they are going to manage to take people’s retirement savings?  Will they take these funds by force?  Maybe, they will give people the opportunity to participate or keep their money.

     All I know that is that Obama believes, among other things,  it is correct to raises taxes on successful people in order to give it to unsuccessful people.  Mr. Obama’s campaign ran on the idea of “redistribution of wealth”, which is un-American.  In addition, many in the American congress want to pass the “Fairness Doctrine”, which will force conservative talk radio to share their time with liberal commentators.  Didn’t liberal radio die on its own?  Doesn’t the American Constitution protect freedom of Speech?  What are these liberal democrats afraid of?  With the help of the liberal media they have managed to brain wash many who cannot think for themselves.

     Of course the moral dilemma is that failure for Obama will mean dead Americans due to a terrorist attack.  Can I really wish for Mr. Obama’s failure knowing the possible outcome?  Well, the life of the 55 million who supported McCain and Palin are sacred and I hope they are never harmed.  All the others deserve what they get.


     Of course my concern is that I may be seen as a radical crazy person.  However, I want people to recognize that human morality is very low and liberals are actively involved in sinister attempts to turn America into a Socialist Fascist state.  

      I believe American troops should leave Iraq and Afghanistan.  Iraq has great oil profits, established government, and trained and capable security forces.  I am at a lost why Afghanistan has not managed to build an economy in seven years.  However, how much more can be done for these countries? I know that many are concerned that the people in these countries may not be mentally strong enough to deal with insurrection from with in their nations.  I think that people in these areas definitely have a unique way of looking at life and that many in these areas will never be able to handle the demands of supporting free and democratic nations.  Therefore, I am comfortable with withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

     Higher taxes will reduce investment capital and ruin the American economy.  We already are seeing people selling off their investments.  Today, it was reported that unemployment rate grew to 6.5%, which is the highest rate in 14 years.  In the last two days I have heard the consumer confidence is low and sales in stores are low, not to mention the car manufactures high losses.  These are not real losses.  It is my opinion that car manufactures failed to see change in car demand for more efficient and pollution free vehicles and now they want tax payers to pay for the upgrades they need in their manufacturing warehouses necessary to build these vehicles.

     However, the reality is  that the American economy runs on the confidence of the citizen. A citizen who believes success pays goes to college, builds a business, and/or invests.  Without these people there is very little tax revenue.

     I think it may be in the interest of the new president to compromise on his ideas on taxes and growth in government.  I am comfortable with my hero’s, Mr. Bush, tax cuts to run out.  However, instead off a full increase, these tax cuts should only be increased by 75% of the original cut.  Free Universal Healthcare for all citizens will never be financially possible.  It will be less possible in an environment were people do not trust their government and thus do not produce wealth.  The 62 million who voted for Obama cannot afford the tax bill to run America, especially with many large social programs attached her.

     My greatest fear is that a weak Obama will initiate attacks on America.  Russia is seeing Putin wanting to regain the presidency.   In addition, Russia has said it will blow up any American missile defense systems installed in ex –block nations.  In Iran’s congratulation to Obama was the threat not to send missiles in to their country or they will respond by “an internally made secret weapon”.  I wonder what this means.

     In addition, many Arab nations speak publically of their cooperation to fight terrorism, while they secretly support terrorist.  Bush let the world know the price for attacking America.  This made all these Arab nation leaders reign in the terrorist they support, fearing having their countries invaded.   When terrorist attack America Obama’s option will be attack or not.  If he does not respond appropriately the terrorist will gain confidence and attacks will increase.

     This is why America has invested on Public Relation measures that make sure everyone understands the rules.  There are ruthless people around the world with no morality, willing to do anything for money and a narcissistic need to be famous. These people need to be death with the “stick”.  Then there are people who, though ruthless, will behave for some carrot compensation. 

     Unfortunately, Obama’s voiced idealistic perception has left the impression in these despots of a weak and malignant president.  These people are murderers and tyrannical oppressors.  To them, you either manage power strongly or you are weak.  Where do you think Obama lands on their scale?



     Therefore, even though it is a point to contemplate for the conservative talk show host about how Obama will govern: towards the center or towards the left.  When a dog sees his favorite bone, he plays with it.  It is all he knows how to do.  Obama only knows how to resort to idealistic liberal concepts.  This means a ruined economy, weak posture in the international society, and loss of life.  In other words failure.

DISH Network is Total Value

on Nov 07, 2008

Tell us how you really feel.  Rampant raving will get you nowhere.  Especially when it is unwarranted as this is.  He hasn't even taken office yet and you criticize and attempt to diminish his effectiveness.  That is just entirely foolish.  You act as though the majority conservative agenda doesn't trounce our liberal perspectives on how American life should be.  Suck it up.  This isn't the end of America as you know it.

on Nov 07, 2008

Man, I love how some Americans seem to view "liberal" and/or "conservative" as a swear word. It is ceaselessly entertaining. The right wing ideologues think that "liberal" means "granola munching communist athiest tree hugger" while the left wing ideologues seem to believe that "conservative" is analogous to "uneducated, inbred rural hick".

Doesn't it ever strike you guys as insane? When the only conclusion you can come up with is that your opposition is pure, unmitigated evil and/or stupidity, that's usually a good sign that you're a looney and you need to rethink your position.

on Nov 07, 2008

You are such a douchebag.

on Nov 08, 2008

LOL!  Zoo, I didn't want to take it that far but... well stated

on Nov 08, 2008

Man, I love how some Americans seem to view "liberal" and/or "conservative" as a swear word.

The only problem here is that this guy (the creator of this article) is not an American, he is an illegal immigrant who loves to post articles on here defending Conservative and Republican ideals but never replies on any of his articles.