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      Let it be known that I do take any responsibility for the liberal morality of any one in Europe.  We all are given the ability to recognize the difference between right and wrong.  This difference does not have borders.  Murder is murder no matter were you are standing.

     I bring this point because it appears that many in America think that the European social liberalism is something to be desired.  I am tired of hearing people saying that America is not respected around the world.  Well I do not respect the behaviors of many people around the world.

     How can so many people be blind to the reality of bad people.  Rapist, murderers, tyrannical despot, and greedy people who will make money out of human tragedy do exist.  This is not new.  Bad people have been in the world since the beginning.

     What I want to know is if we are making a positive contribution to the human race? I do not see how the immoral Obama policy of taking the hard earned money of people and giving it to those who do not try as hard and/or deliberately make problems is making a positive contribution to society.  I mean how does Mr. Obama make the determination of who is worthy of money? Shouldn’t the people who make the money be the ones who keep it?  That is the morally correct thing. 

     I have learned from life and studying psychology that early child hood traumas make people who are incapable of meeting the challenges of life.  In had a conversation with a “Latino” who was trying to convince me that people were scammed when they were put into “variable rate mortgages”.  I responded okay they were giving interest rates they could not handle.  However, the real problem, in my opinion, is that even though the loan officer sat down with these people and told them the amount of the loan, the the time of payment in full, and the monthly payment these people refused to act responsively and refuse a loan they knew they could not afford.  Every time I have gotten a loan from a bank I have in front of a bank loan officer who explained every detail of the loan.  I have yet to take a loan I cannot pay.

     This brings in to question why is it that I can do the math and make correct choices about issues of life and other people cannot?  The answer is personal psychology and personal morality.  People are given psychological issues from life and relationships with people.  This issues exhaust people with stress and this stress keeps people from being able to concentrate and make good decisions.

      Therefore, you can give people all the assistance you want.  However, because of their hang ups and adverse emotions they will not be able to manage their lives any better.  Today, at work I was listening to Dr. Laura.  A woman called her asking if she should move in with her boss being she had been evicted from her place.  Dr. Laura asked her why she was evicted.  I didn’t get to hear her answer, but Dr. Laura obviously did not like it.  Dr. Laura told the woman with two 10 year old daughters that she should of not done that and what she needed to do was be more responsible and find a place she could afford on her own.

     Furthermore, I remember a Dr. Phil episode about financial problems. On this program a person who had won a “makeover “ home was deep in debt.  He had taken three loans out against the home and now was close to losing this home.  Okay I understand saying “hey I will take out a loan to buy a business”.  However, when you have failed at two businesses why would you take out a third loan to try again, especially if you have already lost your economic shirt.  That is like being in Vegas and “saying I have lost everything, but if some one lends me more money I am sure I can win it all back”.

     That is the problem.  To many people have gone all in at the “Texas Hold’Em” poker game of life.  Their upbringing left them  emotional distraught and without the life intelligence necessary to mange a good life. Watch!  An annual salary of 200, 000 at a 35% tax rate leaves a person with 130,000 to live on.  This is approximately 12,000 a month.  The real estate people say your home should only cost you 40% of your income. This would mean a person with 12,000 a month could afford a 4,800 monthly payment. 

     Some one I was knew once told me you buy a house on the 10% rule.  You leave a down payment equivalent to 10% of the value and your monthly will be about 10% of the value.  Therefore, if you can afford 4,800 on a house payment, this means you could buy a 480,000 home.  What kind of home could you buy for 480,000?  I don’t care were you live.  If you pay 480,000 for a home, you are going to be living in a nice place.

     The problem is to many do not know good money management.  This is complicated by their personal psychology and the stress they are living under by all the bad choices they have made. This is why I think people do not succeed in social service programs.  Money is not going to cure people of their hang ups.  As long as they have these hang ups they will always be compelled to act in a certain way, which in my opinion is counter productive to success.

     Under no circumstances are we making a positive contribution to society by relieving people of their responsibility, taking other people personal property and given it to some one else, and moral equality regardless of behavior.  When I talk to people about Christianity and salvation many times I hear “well aren’t we all the same?”  My response is that under no circumstances I am like a murderer or a rapist.

     The big picture Mr. Obama fails to see is that in order for people to invest in America people have to know they can trust the American government. I was not kidding about all the adjustments I have made to protect myself from Obama’s tyrannical taxes.  The word on the business world is that many successful people are doing the same.

     Now, I started this conversation talking about morality.  If I go out on the street and rob a person, I may be put in jail.  “You have to catch me copper”.  However, if you run for president apparently you can promise Paul you are going to rob Peter.  If there is going to be a tax break, shouldn’t it be for those who actually pay taxes?

     Hey, how about running an efficient government, expecting people to take responsibility for their own life, and leaving successful people alone.

     Obama has already made mistakes.  He laughed at Nancy Reagan about channeling the dead.  He called Putin and told him they needed to talk soon.  He has stated he is not committed to the missile defense program in Poland.  Isn’t it interesting that Obama has said what he is going to do with our enemies, yet doesn't say much about how he plans to deal with our “business partners”.  I have already stated that America no longer has Allies. Instead, she has business partners with each their own agenda. The morality that bonded us together no longer exist for them.

     Mr. Obama it is a matter of trust.  There are world leaders who have their own agenda which is contrary to American interest.  There is no reason to consider them our equals and/or trust them.

     In a previous article I wrote I wanted Americas enemies to fear her.  People who are afraid of you do not attack you.  In my job site I am surrounded by vile immoral people who would rob their mothers and them ask them for a loan.  They don’t stay out of my way because I have made them fall in love with me.  They literally fear me.  One wrong move and some how some taxi driver gets suspended.  When I worked security I got better results by being a pest. I didn’t care what people, who I knew were up to no good, told me.  I just stood in the area talking about stupid stuff till they got annoyed and moved on.  Ten years of security and I never had anything stolen or damaged, I never ended up in a court of law, nor did anyone or myself die or get injured. I think that is a pretty dam good record and it wasn’t from being nice to criminals.

     Okay the presidency is a more demanding office.  However, most of the work has already been done by previous presidents. Presidents were set when dealing with unscrupulous people.  Yes, Obama there are such people.  Fidel, Hugo, Putin, Amadinayad, Bin Laden, and Sadam come to mind, not to mention Hitler and Mussolini.

    Therefore, since most of the bad people in history have come from that other side of the world, I think I will stick to valuing American morality and not be so concerned about what a bunch of presumptive people think.

     It is not my desire to to harm anyone.  However, in order to accomplish my goals I will not partner with people of the modern theology of humanism.  Yes, to each his own conscience.  If any one chooses to be part of thinking and not learning enough to actually know, so be it.  However, many  of us will choose to be grounded in fact, not emotion or a perception of life that is the result of hang-ups and a need to construct an imaginary life line just so we can feel we are coping. 


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on Nov 12, 2008

About 50% of people who do make over 250,000 a year do not work as hard as people who are in the lower middle class.

There are very intellegent people that are stuck in lowermiddle class, and poverty because they didn't go to college. And the reason they didn't go to college is because they might have had to drop out of college to get a job to take care of themselves, because their parents may be drug users or something.  There are some people who do try and take the easy way out, selling drugs, robbing people, but not all of them are like that. WHy should the government sit on the sidelines while people are deprived of their rights because greedy people arround them take everything away.  It's a sad situation, Obama grew up close to people in that situation, and that's why he wants to do the whole socialist thing.

I don't agree with the 'spread the wealth around' economic plan Obama has, but with the economy as bad as it is now, it's the only thing that can stablize the economy without people suffering.  I think if Obamas plans stay in toon for 8 - 10 years the economy will stablize itself, and we can ease off his plans, possibly equally taxing upper and middle class.

McCain wanted to give tax cuts to the private sector so jobs could be created.  But most business owners are greedy, and would just take the extra money themselves and not give back to the company, in the end failing. 

Obama wants to do what FDR did, which was tax the wealthy and provide more social security and welfare to those who needed it. Obama can't do everything FDR did because of the rise in population and amount of greedy business's there are. But hopefully he can help the country. 

The United States government is for the people, not for the rich people, not for the hard working people, For The People in general.  It would be unconsitutional for the government to lay back while people lose their jobs everyday and can't afford to live.  The fact is that the population is too large for everyone to have a job, even if someone were to go to school, and work hard, they can still be jobless. 

It's not good when the government has to take from the rich and give to the poor, but that's how it has to be to get everything stable.  If anyone doesn't agree with this, they should either live somewhere else, or get rid of all the corrupt people in this society. I don't agree with Obama, but he will probably have a better effect on balancing the United States Economy than anyone else at this time.