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     Somehow people got the impression that we all share the same morality.  However, can people like Iran’s president, Putin, North Koreas leader, Hugo Chavez, and many others share the same morality with you.  I am not blind and I know there are many bad people in the United States.

      However, has there ever been a US leader who desired world domination.  The childish and immature criticism of George W. Bush are just that, childish and immature.  It is my opinion that the international community acted irresponsibly in not deal with Afghanistan and Iraq and the US had to act to prevent the serious threats from these two regions.

      In our present day there are more serious threats.  Putin is becoming the new dictator in Russia.  Iran’s leader keeps talking about getting rid of Israel and the US.  China is doubling her military.  Many terrorist organization are still vent on destroying the “infidels”.

      These nations and individuals need to know what is coming.  Every one should know that the US will use every last nuclear weapon to defend her self.  I, however, do not have confidence in Mr. Obama’s ability to intimidate and persuade.  I definitely have no confidence that he will toss the nuclear football.

     The majority of American people just want to work, provide for their families, and not have their lives messed with by others.  Can we say the same about Muslim extremist?  Can we say the same about people such as Putin, Amadinayad, and Chavez?  Furthermore, what do we know about the morality of the leaders of China?  Are we to believe they are our moral equivalents?  Well they are not.

       This is why I think Obama has already failed in foreign diplomacy.  His rhetoric during the campaign has painted him as a soft leader. Therefore, the question is not whether he will be tested.  The question is whether he will be respected enough to gain the cooperation of so many world leaders.

     Nice only works if you can trust the other guy.  History has taught us not to trust.  This is why establish strategies have been used in foreign diplomacy.  What did Reagan say about “verify”?  One day when I was guarding suicides another co-worker replied that he did not know why security had to come in and restrain the patient with brute force.  The security staff and the mental health staff had spent all night trying to get the guy to cooperate.  There is a time to talk.  Then there is  a time to act.

      I See it this way.  Modern man thinks he is the sole judge of whether his ideas are worth pursuing.  He is no longer complicated by God, faith, and or religion.  You can bet I do not trust modern man.

      Furthermore, the gods of modern man is money and pleasure.  Every body wants the loot and they have no moral complications about how they get it.  Moreover, most of modern man’s pursuits have to do with, food, drugs, and sex.  The leader of the US has to be able to scare people when he flexes America’s muscle.

     Now, I am not saying that Obama has to go around poking people in the chest.  However, there needs to be a firm understanding of America’s goals and interest and the price for harming the US and her citizens.

     Under no circumstances are we a global community.  For there to be a global community there has to be shared interest, values, and perspectives.   Many Americans and I have nothing in common with dictators, murderers, and/or terrorist.

    Furthermore, it needs to be understood that money and pleasure driving goals of other nation’s leaders may just be contrary to American goals.  Can we with great confidence say that they share the goals of self-determination through participation in a democracy?  What governmental system would you want to be under to pursue your goals, dreams, and personal interest?

      Okay, the current economic challenges have all of us wondering about capitalism.  The reality is that it was democratic attempts at Socialism that created the current financial mess.  Furthermore, I am not blind to the abuses of companies of their employees and consumers.  However, in a democracy, where every individual has a vote, and a republic form of government, the people share power, the guy with money and the vote has the power.

     This power is not power to destroy.  It is a power to preserve. The 62 million people waiting for government to provide for them are putting the noose over Lady Liberty’s head.  We already have an abundance of slothful people not willing to work to provide for themselves.

     Okay the campaign is over.  The moral war is not.  The only way America can regain he economic prowess is for her citizens to buy in to the work ethic and continue to be producers and creators.  Einstein, Henry Ford, nor Bill Gates are the product of a Socialistic Welfare system.

     Obama may want to change the rules of tested foreign diplomacy strategies and productive citizens contributing to the success of the nation.  We, however, cannot afford to let him do it.


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