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     There are a lot of things that can be said about current life.  The goal of personal satisfaction through fulfillment is becoming unobtainable for many.  The effects of this reality can be seen in the nature of man.  He is depressed, tortured, and under attack.  These troubles keep us from concentrating and coming to good decisions.

      I am at a loss how close to 62million people could support a person like Obama, Yet, there it is.  For the next four years Mr. Obama will be the president US.

      This fact has many of us on the other side concerned.  I am convinced that if he puts in place his policies American security will suffer because the American economy will suffer.  The sole purpose of being in business is to make money.  I see every time government comes out with a regulation or restriction on business business leaders make changes to protect the companies they direct.  Even when government is trying to help the national economy like controlling interest rates  company leaders act out of their own self interest.

      People who do not run businesses may think this is wrong.  Attitudes such as “It is wrong” and “They are cheating” can be heard echoing through out America.   However, all these businesses are playing by the rules.  In addition, they are using these rules to meet their mission, which is to make money.

      Now, I am more then just a money making machine.  These new politics do concern me.  I see a world with many threats.  However, what is more important to me is what I have learned during this political season.  America does have a defined identity.  American values are work to provide for one’s self and make a positive contribution to America.

     I know across America many are asking them selves “Now what”?  There is no reason to allow our joy to be compromised by the Socialist thinking they have free reign of American. 

     Our mood, attitude, and inspiration should still be optimistic and positive.  You who supported McCain still have power.  There is  a lot a person can do to keep the “heart of America”, conservatism, alive. 

    Two days ago I was listening to the ACLJ  radio show.  The subject was the “pledge of allegiance” being taken out of a school.  My thought was why can’t Americans who are tired of school government actions just make time to recite the “pledge” in their home and read the bible together.   Are public school campuses the only places these activities can be practiced?

      The reality is that we can do a lot.  We can write.  We can join groups.  We can become activist.

        Either way what we feel, what we think, and what drives us should not change.  I appreciate the freedom to work at accomplishing my dreams and not complicating my neighbors life.   There is nothing wrong with decency, kindness, respect, and humble nobleness. 

      We got out to the world and battle to achieve our accomplishments.  When we get home, we should be able to to relax and enjoy everything we have earned.

     Furthermore, we should sing with gladness.  David ones responded, “ …if you knew God like I know God, you would be down here dancing with me”.

     We faced a serious defeat.  Let us not be disheartened.  We believe in the “good” , which inspires man to endeavor to be better than them selves.  

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