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Published on November 20, 2008 By jesseledesma In Politics

DISH Network is Total Value

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     Have you ever questioned what you believe? No, seriously, have you ever sat down and asked you self what you believe and why you believe it?

     The question comes about because I am wondering what people of the conservative persuasion are asking them selves right now.   For the next four years, democrats in the white house and congress are going to do their best to solidify power by making as many people as possible dependent on government for support. 

     This fact is unavoidable.  Every thing we have heard from the new president and his vice president is how they plan on creating universal healthcare, universal college education, and help people out on any other financial hardship they may be facing in life.  Furthermore, these democrats want to lead the discussion on issues such as “embryonic stem cell” research and “homosexual marriage”, not to mention parental notification of abortion.

      Therefore, it is beyond argument that the relationship between the citizen and his or her government will change.  The social and economic face of America is also going t change.

     What is a regular Joe and Janet America suppose to do in this country.  First, of all a lot of Joe and Janet’s of the conservative movement voted for Obama.  Therefore, I guess my message is not for all conservatives.  My though on the matter is that any person who calls him or her self a conservative but supports democrats should just go and register for the democratic party.  The same can be said about republicans who support democrat party member initiatives.

     As far as I am concerned, you do not cohort with the enemy.  Every person should work to provide for him or herself.  Every person should be responsible with his money and actions.  Every parent has the right to parent.  Science is advancing at a fast enough rate that “embryonic stem cell research” is becoming unnecessary and obsolete.  If people want to pretend their bodies are their own and they can do with them what they want, at least let these people be responsible enough to take precautions so unwanted pregnancies will no result.  We are not leaving in the dark ages.  There is no excuse for any one getting pregnant when they do not want to.  There is already a means to inherit from a lover.  It is called a will and testament.  In addition, secular people can have any ceremony they want and call it what they want.  I write all these things because democrats want to undermine the work ethic, personal responsibility, “inalienable rights”, and privacy.  Why in the world would any self respecting conservative contribute to democrat’s efforts.

      Are not our believes of any value?  I say life must always be defended.  Abortion, euthanasia, government dependency, and homosexuality are not defense of life.  We defend life when we enhance life.  I don’t see how the socials challenges of our modern time has enhanced life.  There are more people suffering from addictions, and mental health issues in our time then ever before in human history.  Society has deteriorated in modern liberal activism.

      Again, what are we to do?  I was wondering today why we support the ideas we support.  Are we completely sure that what we believe is correct?  Are we just responding to culture conditioning with knee-jerk reactions?

     I have to say we live in world with many insincere people.  All through these election cycle, I have been troubled by the lack of sincerity of the many people involved.  Last, night I was thinking that the republican monster is to big for any sincere person to get any thing accomplished. 

     One thought I had last night was “Okay, Bush is republican and congress was in the republican majority during Bush’s early years.  Why weren’t conservative values of fiscal responsibility followed?”  Now, Bush is one person.  He could of said no to every budget littered with over spending.  However, two things happened.  Individuals with personal ambitions were elected who only wanted to look for their own self interest, instead standing up for conservative values.   Two, the necessity for war appeared.  In order, for Bush to get support for the necessary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he had to negotiate and make concession with people many of us were calling “Republicans In Many Only”.

      That so many people are moved by personal ambitions that have more to do with money and power then with standing up for important values is not Bush’s fault.  That, many of us suffer from immature, crass, and vulgar personalities is also not Mr. Bush’s fault.  I know Mr. Bush did the best he could with the resources available to him, which were mostly, critics, cynics, and glutens.

     In a thorough critical analyzes I have to say American modern society is composed of the elements it is because of the decay in human morality.  I am not saying there are not any good people.  There are some.  However, most of us have become some kind of strange creature who no longer recognizes fairness and justice.

     This last statement brings me to my question.  The only way so many people can be supporting ideas that do more to destroy humanity then enhance life is if they have not looked at their ideology thoroughly.  Ideas such as “People who work make societies work and “weak individuals should not have their weakness facilitated by government” are simple concepts to understand.

     I guess what I am getting at is that we all are in need of a little soul searching.  I have read the last book of the King James Bible and I believe every word of it.  This means that future secular man has a lot of tragedy and misery yet to live.  We of the perspective of “the good” will be right along side of secular man.  The difference should be that where their confidence in man betrays them with fear our “faith” fortifies us with peace.


DISH Network is Total Value

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