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     You cannot fix a national economy when people do not trust you.  The simple truth is that Obama is going to do what he said he was going to do, which is raise taxes on the wealthy (40K annual) to provide for the poor and middle class.  Mr. Obama’s own voting record shows he has voted to raise taxes on people making 40,000 or more.

     The only people still confused about how Obama will lead are conservative talk show host.  Every one else gets it and is behaving accordingly.  I do not see how any one would continue to invest and save when they know they are going to be taxed more.

     The principle of robbing the rich to feed the poor does not work.  It is the rich who open stores, make companies, save and invest, and purchase high ticket items.  Furthermore, the modern investor is a “shift on the fly” investor.  He and/or she has access to volumes of information via the internet.  Change in the stock market is registered more frequently because of investors making fast decisions.

      To many fast decisions may be subject to error.  However, the goal of an investor is to make money.  Immediate news lends information to investors which results in faster transactions.

     Furthermore, I have always reeled at people who point their finger at the problem, but never offer any solutions.  Therefore, what would I offer as solutions.  The reality is that business people are always looking for ways to manipulate government, employees, and consumers.  For a long time there were protections for workers and consumers.  Government, however, has changed its focus from business regulation to economic success insurance. 

      People will suffer, but government should stop all so called bail outs.  Unethical people looking for ways to profit from deception and fraud should not be allowed to succeed.  There is real greed and other immoral intent in the hearts and minds of business people.  They want to take advantage of what they can to get more money.

     These are the ingredients to the soup.  We have unmotivated people, with no direction and not making it in life, demanding better living conditions from companies whose leadership only cares about profit, and politicians under the false impression they can solve all problems.  Before politicians gave lip service to issues, knowing once elected they could blame politics for not accomplishing anything.

      Now, we actually have politicians such as Barney Frank, Pelosi, and Obama who think they can solve everyone's problems.  Their failure is not being able to see the big picture.  Every one who has a troublesome relative knows why you do not just keep giving them money.  The more you give, the more they take.  In modern economic times the troublesome relatives are the unproductive slacker citizen, the greedy and gluten corporate executive, and the misguided politician.

       Therefore, make policies knowing that people will always be trying to take advantage of the system.  Everyone, who did not graduate from high school, go to college, get a god job, and/or build a business will just have to suffer.  Business will have to close stores, lay off people, and sell off assets.  They screwed up they will have to pay the price.

      Government should act knowing that people are looking for ways to hang the bill on some one else.  There was nothing wrong with stringent attitudes against giving in to corporate whims.  People criticized Bush.  However, every time the airlines and car manufacturers came looking for hand outs he showed them the door.

       Okay, so how do we explain the 700 billion dollar bail out?  I have absolute trust in President Bush.  Therefore, I believe what he told the nation.  Furthermore, I say politics quickly became the issue and the looming economic crisis was moved to the back burner.

      Why doesn’t anything get done in America?  Well, the second you stand up and proposed a plan, every one, their mother, and their house pet calls you and idiot and says you do not know what you are talking about.

     This morning I was reading a list of major investment firms such as Morgan Stanley that have bit the dust.  I say that is a good measure of where the American economy is at this time.  Now, I am not suggesting any one should of gotten bailed out.  This year my income has gone down 50%.  I am not asking for a bail out.  I just keep working and meeting my responsibilities.

     Of course I am helped from a mature, healthy, and positive perspective on life.  To many, however, have allowed modern media to condition them to the negative attitude of “nothing works.  Why bother?”  You bother cause other wise you will starve.  Not to mention, you feel better about your self and are able to get more pleasure out of life.

      One great concern is how much harm can be done to the US.  Human morality continues to decrease, citizens keep practicing apathy, and politicians and business people keep giving in to their lust and America come become a worse country than Mexico.  The salvation is continued service to the values that built America.


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on Nov 21, 2008

I agree with most you say cept for a few points.


I have no issues helping people that NEED help. There are alot of people that decide not to be productive as  long there are handouts.... There are people that need the handouts and there need it long term. The issue lays in the people that can do something that dont.


Ive said it before that Im one of the guys that believes you do what you can to stay working. I have gotten what is now my second lay off this year. I have only colected 3 weeks of UI from the first layoff, and now its looking Like I may have to dip into the funds again untill I get back on my feet... but ive already contacted 3 possible employers already in less than 24 hours of my notice.


And I agree with the greed. Not all companies are like that though, it it seems the bigger it gets... the less likely they will give two squats about the workers and only the bottom line.


You also have to understand that people that work for the company for the most part are the unlucky fodder from the CEO;s.... i would support giving the bonuses to the workers that got laied off because of them instead of the CEO getting them because they are the ones that got them to this point in the first place