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     Let me preface this argument by stating that it is of no interest to me who is having sex with whom in the privacy of their own home.  Furthermore, there are issues I do not believe warrant my attention.  Same sex marriage is one of these issues.

      I have written before of my opposition to militant homosexual political activism.  I continue my opposition to these types of activities.  If a person wants to be left alone, to live their life their way, maybe they should not drag their personal life in to the public square.  It is my opinion, that as soon as you make your private life public you have given every one in the public the right to have an opinion.  Parades, public declarations of sexuality, and petitions to change social policy, in my opinion, is dragging your life in to the public square.

     On November 4, 2008 over 5million Californians gave their opinion on same sex marriage.  The California constitution allows private citizens to put initiatives on the ballot and once these initiatives are approved they become part of the California Constitution.

      Therefore, Californians, using the powers expressed in their constitution, changed their constitution to define marriage between one man and one woman.  There were approximately 5,125, 752 for propisition8 and 4,725,313 against.  According, to the California constitution amendments can added to the constitution when the majority approves a ballot.

      Therefore, this is more an issue of individual liberties as far as exercise of power by the citizen is concerned.  The people, who ever they were, who made a petition and got the necessary signatures were exercising their constitutional rights.  The people who voted in favor of the proposition were doing the same.

       It is my opinion, that it is appropriate for people to petition their government about their concerns.  Absence of an established form of power management leads to instability and anarchy.  People feel like they were treated unfairly and divest from society.

       The fairest measure of power management is “majority rule”.  Without majority rule you have to find a group of people or a person to decided what is fair and just for every one else. Shall we have a king.  Maybe, a dictator is what we need?  How about a Nazi Party?

        Now, don’t think this proposition childish.  When the majority is not in charge, who else is going to be in charge?  Furthermore, which standard will the person or people chosen to decide public policy use in their decision making.  If they lean towards the liberal left, won’t Christians and conservatives be left out in public policy.  If Christian rule, what becomes of every one who has no heart for Christ?  The majority, being composed of all varied perspectives and giving everyone an opportunity to participate becomes the best approach because all other approaches will skew decisions to a certain philosophy.

      Now, if I have said what homosexuals do in the privacy of their homes is none of my business then why I am I writing on this issue.  Well the content of this article very clearly states that I see this as a social management of power issue.  In addition, I felt compelled to reiterate this point because many people read and ahead and fill in with their own view of the world.

      I have great confidence that decisions left to the majority will be made by a majority of rational and reasonable people.  There are “wackamos” and “yahoos” in every corner of the world.  For the most part, most people are of sound mind and make good choices.  Proposition8 did not reduce or restrict the right to housing, employment, education, healthcare, and or any other opportunity to access, other then the access to have a state recognized marriage.

     It is unfortunate that people who supported proposition 8 have been subject to harassment and violence.  Christians born in the US or naturalized as citizens have the same rights as all other citizens.  Religion, does not limit a person’s rights in the US.

      For the gay and lesbian community to vent their anger and frustration against anyone is a great disservice to their cause.  How can you be respected when you say we want the same rights as every one else and when people exercise their rights with an unfavorable outcome to you, you behave like savages.  Either, rights are for all or they  are for a select few.

      The majority in California spoke clearly and loudly.  They did so exercising their state constitutional right to amend their own constitution.  True service to “equal rights” is accepting a decision made by the majority exercising their rights.

     It is unfortunate that many are confused about what “equal rights” mean in a democratic society with a Republic form of government.  It is not my will will be done.  It is the concept that every person will be given equal access to participate and the majority decision will be respected.  We are equal in our ability to suggest and be governed by decision made by the majority.


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on Nov 29, 2008

So if some backwards town votes for segregation, then it should be accepted because it is the will of the majority? Furthermore in the 1860s, should slavery have been accepted in the Southern states if the majority approved of it? Of course not. It required an executive order and the passage of the 13th amendment. Was Lincoln a "dictator" and should be likened to the "Nazi Party", by your logic? Same-sex couples have every right under the constitution for their relationships to recieve recognition from the state. If these delusional religious people say that religion should define the meaning of marriage, then we should just remove all state marriages and give civil unions to all couples, heterosexual or homosexual. Problem solved.

on Dec 09, 2008

   Not only is AT67 correct, but another purpose of the Courts is to protect the minority from the whims of the majority.  If a citizen is required to pay their taxes, report for a jury summons, and all other forms of public service, then they are to be entitled to the same rights and privledges.  And while I hate to say it as I had my right to marry taken in California, the Church has the right to deny services - as long as they are not recieving taxpayer funds from a source other than tithing.

     What happened in California, Arizona, and Florida was a DIRECT violation of the seperation of Church and State, and it was blatant.  If our counry were to be run by "The Word" then we would have to esencally kill the entire country since we are not supposed to wear clothing made of two different cloths AND any form of shellfish would be illegal and puhishible by death.

     Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, whatever:  Don't force your "holy" tezts down the country's throat - I won't get a court order to remove sections of the Old Testament.  BTW Christians, the OLD TESTAMENT was God's Convenant with the Jews.  You are only supposed to be concerned with what Jesus preached in the NEW TESTAMENT.  There are no mentions of "Gay" or "Homosexual" in them because the word was created by a German Psychologist in the 1860's.

on Jan 04, 2009

while i have no problem with initiative statutes* being enacted by popular vote, amending any constitution should require at least a 2/3 majority.


*a great many of these have been poorly drafted and/or intentionally obscured

on Jan 05, 2009

As an illegal immigrant in our country, Jesus Lopez (Jesse Ledesma is a made-up name) here has no 'equal right' to ANY political process in America.

For all his bitching I can't for the life of me understand why he just doesn't go the hell home to Mexico.


Ill pay for the ticket too