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Published on November 22, 2008 By jesseledesma In Politics

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     Ever wonder why any mentally healthy person would bother to get in to politics, knowing the press is going to do everything possible to make them appear like a fool?  I have meditated on this point many times.  There has to be better things to do in life.  Yet, everyday another person wants to get in to the limelight.

      Currently Mrs. Sarah Palin is front and center while all the vultures circle waiting for her lifeless political body to feast on in the desert.  It has been reported that of the two hour interview that CBS anchor did with Mrs. Palin only the fifteen minutes that made Mrs Palin look unprepared in foreign affairs were broadcast.  Furthermore, people are talking about how much she spends and her rude treatment of others.  You mean to tell me women don't spend a lot and treat every one else bad.  Well this is news to me.

     Okay, don't all you females sharpen your nails and come looking for me.  I once heard a good rule about perspective in life.  Basically, if you can laugh, you still are pretty grounded.

     I heard Mrs. Palin laugh a lot during the campaign.  I also heard a person who knows conservativeness and can deliver the message. She has spoken on the "right to life" and governments living with in their means.

     Apparently, however, there are different criteria for a person to be respected as a good messenger.  Let's be honest you have to kiss the liberal news' ring to succeed.  They are the ones who paint the verbal picture.  What people know about Mrs. Sarah Palin is what the liberals want people to know.

     Unfortunately, conservatives are not any better.  I heard comments about Mrs. Palin on conservative radio I have never believed to be dignified of people with education, intelligence, and a public voice.  I have some what of a public voice. I have written over 400 articles on my BLOG at joeuser.  Never have I written anything disrespectful about Mrs. Palin.  Among associates I have uttered, "yeah Obama has big ears, McCAin might die, but have you seen how hot Palin is".

      Well let me set the public record straight.  Mrs. Palin has been part of her community, a mayor, governor of a state, been part of a presidential campaign, and has earned a masters of journalism.  Who among her critics has done as much?  I wonder if that Curic person has masters of anything.

      As for Mrs. Plain's place in the conservative movement is concerned, I think it is up to her.  She is more then an able bodied communicator.  In addition, she is a genuine person with values, beliefs, and the personal strength to sacrifice for her ideals.

     In other words, she is to good for some Americans.  How there she believe in anything and work to accomplish something?  Doesn't she know that conservative values are passé?  Well, 55 million Americans who voted for her and McCain apparently do not believe that traditional values are history.

      Therefore, I believe Palin is a real person with great communication skills.  If, I was to giver her any advice, it would be make sure of what you want and don't trust anyone.

      We are in dire need of leadership in the conservative movement.  However, the forces at play are beyond management.  I know there are established republicans who do not want Mrs. Palin around.  These type of people are more about personal ambition then serving the public.

      If Mrs. Palin should choose to want to continue to be surrounded by vultures she needs to stream line her message.  One way opponents get you is by getting you to have many opinions.  No one knows everything about everything.  However, the minute a person appears uninformed the vultures start to salivate. 

       This why I say, though she is more than qualified as a messenger, it is her choice.  I would prefer she not play ball to get along.  She needs to build her own power base of people she can trust. In addition, she needs to communicate directly to the people of the US. Furthermore, I have great confidence that support for the real sincere Mrs. Sarah Palin will continue to grow among people who do not need the liberal news to tell them what to think.


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on Nov 23, 2008

I also heard a person who knows conservativeness and can deliver the message.

conservativeness?  well, if there's anyone besides you and gw bush (cuz this sounds like a term he coined) who actually uses a word such as that, i'm willing to concede it would prolly be the girl of your wet dreams.

Never have I written anything disrespectful about Mrs. Palin.

quite a claim there.   musta been truly difficult for you to stop yourself from writing disrespectful stuff about someone you like.  if only others could say the same.