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     The only investment you should make is the one where you can without a doubt say you trust the person in charge of the investment.  I have been writing a lot about human morality as of late.  The reason is that human morality contributes a lot to the actions of people.

     Since Enron, we have been seen many corporate executives who used fraud to profit.  Companies were loosing money, but these executives were telling everyone that everything is fine.   When you engage the investment world, you have to know you are going to be involved with people with low morality.

      I think the safest place for my money right now is my mattress.  Obama wants to raise taxes to help the poor poor and the poor middle class.  Executives are behaving like thieves.  In addition, the world market is becoming complicated.   

     In my opinion, the housing bubble bursting changed the modern investor’s behaviors.  I recall the news reporting that oil prices were at their price because of increased demand and oil speculators.   Well, when the housing crisis occurred investors became cautious, which is only normal.  Now, we have less speculation and lower gas prices. 

     Investment activities in other areas are also suffering.  It has become evident that many do not understand the new breed of young and wealthy who are savvy investors.  They are in limbo.  In addition, the old timers are seeing a low market and they are abstaining.  Plus, prices are going down.

      I read in the internet that Citi’s troubles are because people believe that Citi is having problems, even though the executives have assured people they have more than enough “cash” to continue operating.  This is a perception problem.  Well, actually it is a trust problem.

     Either way it has to be understood that the risk in the market today is great.  Executives are drunk on their lust.  I do not see how any one can trust them.  Investing today is like giving your hard earned money to some one you know is going to deceive you.

     The bigger picture is the American economy.  This is the first time in my life that I have had real fear of America going poor.  The federal deficient is already high and Obama wants to spend more money on works projects.  What sane person thinks that the way to get out of debt is to keep spending.

      Where is the money going to come from?  Business and banks are closing.  People are loosing their jobs.  Investors are leaving the market.  All of these action are going to reduce the tax base and grow the national deficit.

     I think the harsh growing pains of loss are going to have to be felt.  In order for government, businesses, and the individual to succeed is to economize.  Misguided democrats made the Community Reinvestment Act in order to give low income people loans for homes.  Many of these people with little business sense purchased homes they could barley afford with a variable rate mortgage.  When the rates changed a home they could barely afford became a home they could not afford. 

      Then bank money dried up because people were not paying the banks back.  When banks do not have cash they cannot loan.  No loans means no profit for the banks.  Banks in trouble, people loosing their homes and jobs, and investors pulling out is why we are where we are today.

     There is always going to be loss in life.  People have to get used to this fact and prepare to deal with it.  I do not know why we are so idealistic in thinking that some one some one owes a perfect Utopia.  You earn a life through hard work and careful planning.

      I have learned, the hard way, money is to save not to spend.  In December, I have to put another vehicle in as a taxi.  I am able to afford the vehicle I purchased and all the maintenance because I have learned to save and respect work.  I am also not out there buying every thing my heart desires.

     Now, I am smart enough to know that the people who are going to loose their job or have lost their employment do not want to hear this point.  However, what are your options?  What has happened or will happen cannot be changed.

     The national debt is enormous.  In addition, many people are carrying enormous personal debt.  My question is what country do we want.  It is not advantages to become weak.  That America will exist for many generations is not even a question.  America will be around for thousands of years.

      However, what will be the conditions of life in this country.  Again, principles tried and tested in the fire are best for this challenge.  There needs to be responsibility and accountability in government, businesses, and individuals.  We cannot live like glutens then complain when or stomachs burst.

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on Nov 23, 2008

Well I 2 lost my second job due to lay offs this year. I will be in a good light though when the dust settles because I always budgeted for if I did lose my job I could still pay my bills for about 6 months or so without losing anything....


To be honest I am actually not feeling bad for people that are in a mess. The one thing you never do is over extend which is exactly what people did. Now the jobs are going away, and they have no means of supporting themselves or being able to live in the UI that they might be getting.