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     Eventually we are going to get burn out from all our obsession over the current political situation in the US.  How much can a person take?  The more bad news the more stress. 

     Stress, however, will not solve anything. Furthermore, I am continuing to demand of myself not just to be a finger pointer, but to actually give some helpful suggestions. This is whey I have been writing a lot about the American successful tax payer.  Any one can criticize.  My goal is to open eyes.

     In this effort, I will use my analytical brain with this suggestion.  One of the things I like about my self is how I can add and subtract. Today, I was thinking about what if America allowed all that oil to be produced and used the tax revenue to promote  alternative fuels and solidarity in fighting security threats.

     Today, Russia and Venezuela were having joint military exercises at Venezuela. I do not like knowing Russian naval warships were so close to America.  For years China has been growing its military.  We know North Korea and Iran are vent on acquiring nuclear weapons.  Terrorist have not found peace in their hearts.

     I know the liberals have a distinct philosophy.  However, do Obama and his kind really want to jeopardize American security over ideology?  The seriousness of the American economic crisis is in all the money America is borrowing from countries like China.

     It is my opinion, that it is imperative for the US to use all resources available to prepare for any and all threats.  The world is not a pretty place.  There are many evil leaders like Putin, Chavez, Tao, and Amadinayad. 

      By allowing open oil production of all available fields in America the US government will increase its tax base.  With this tax base, the national debt can be paid down and the US can support emerging democracies, which will counter balance the tyrants in the world.

     Furthermore, alternative fuel development can be funded with some of these tax funds.  I am still a fan of leaving oil behind and turning to hydrogen fuel cell cars.I am not proposing to increase oil production in order to keep Americans oil dependent. 

     I am proposing increase in oil production in order to sell it on the open market to the highest bidder and use the tax revenue such sales generate to pay down national debt, help America’s partners, and develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and alternative fuels for home heating and electricity production.

     Now I know the liberals and their kind got their politics about the environment.  However, look at the big picture.  America is at a point of economic collapse.  The solutions offered by politicians all involve putting America deeper in debt, which will further threaten the American economy and American security.

     With increase in oil production, the national debt can be paid down, alternative fuels can be developed, and our strategic security partners can be fortified.


on Nov 25, 2008

LOL you made me laugh. Yeah this is never going to happen with Dem control on all 3 lvls.