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     WalMart, Legos, Toys R Us, and more.

      Secretary of State Rice has a PhD in Russian studies.  This is an excellent choice for Secretary of State.  Hillary Clinton has a law degree, was married to a president, ran for president, and is a senator.  All impressive credentials.  However, where is her foreign policy experience.  By this I mean where is her education and experience  in dealing on day to day basis with foreign leaders.

     The other issue is what are H. Clinton’s values and beliefs?  Does she understand evil leaders and is she prepared to deal with them adequately?  Does she understand the need to continue to pursue open markets for American goods and services?  Is she part of the “if America was not so expansionist, she would have less problems” group?

     These are all legitimament questions because people need to be able to trust government.  If my work is not going to amount for anything why should I bother to get up and go to work?  The result of work, monetary gain, is what allows people in order to plan a life.  When we know how much we earn, we know what much we can do. Plus, in order to go about our business we need reasonable assurance we are not going to be victimized.

     Now, I bring these points up because I heard in the news that Obama is moving to the center.  This assumption is due to his appointments and recent comments on taxes, national economy, and national security.  However, right now he is not the acting president.  He can say anything he wants to say.

      It won’t be until he takes office that we will see his actions.  I expect that the first order of business is to restructure the tax code with increases in all categories.  Then will be social policy issues like “universal healthcare”, and “universal college education”.  The next acts will be national security issues like “downsizing the military” and taking troops out of Iraq, not to mention practicing his kind of “meeting with no conditions” foreign policy.

     Therefore, if you are being encouraged by Obama’s recent rhetoric you may want to think of his motivation to keep people from protecting themselves before he changes the tax code. Today he lies.  Tomorrow he taxes everyone.

     My other concern is that I have been monitoring his recent rhetoric and it is more apparent he is nothing but an empty head.  In my opinions, he has no substantive ideas of his own and keeps developing “attitudes” after counseling with his advisers who are all old “Clintonians”.

     No one is confused about what Bush believes and what he will do.  His association with strong national defense and free market economy is very evident.  Under Bush’s leadership any all threats were dealt with appropriately regardless of political fall out.  It is my opinion, Obama first assesses the potential political fall out and then acts.

     When Obama’s appointments go visit foreign leaders I do not believe they will working for American superiority.  Let us remember that the person in charge will be a person with no real idea about how man’s soul works and how this complexity contributes to ambitions, motivations, and actions.

     At this time it is intrinsically important that America maintain a healthy economy and strong national defense.  In in an instant we are reminded what kind of evil people are out there and what they are capable to of doing.  I have Mumbai in mind.

     Now, this are despicable acts by despicable people.  However, I put the responsibility on the people of India and all Arab nations.  Right now in the Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico the drug gangs are killing them selves on the streets.  Several days ago masked men walked in to a restaurant and asked eight people at table to identify them selves.  Then they shot them all with automatic riffles.

     It is evident that for decades the societal morality has decayed in this country.  Citizens bribe government officials.  Military, politicians, and law enforcement agents gladly accept this bribes. Now, you have a nation in complete in disarray. The federal government sent troops to patrol the streets of this city and these soldiers are worst then the drug gang members.  These soldiers steal, physically abuse, and rape.

     When people are able to organize to attack an area to extent the terrorist did in Mumbai there has to be a total decay of social morality.  It is sad how many people know what their neighbors are up to and do not report them.  It is even a greater tragedy when people who are suppose to protect and serve are in bed with the enemy.  However, all of this is possible because “good men do nothing”.

     I expect everyone to police their own kind. If  I see my neighbor doing something wrong, I have no problem turning them in to the authorities. It is the only way to maintain a free and democratic society. The alternative is anarchy and harsh governmental control.

     Therefore, we all have to always keep our eye on the government that is suppose to serve us. I expect Obama to attempt to do everything he promised during the presidential campaign. One reality people are blind to is that the party controls the president. The democrats are about to put little Obama in his place. They told him what to promise and now they are going to tell him what to “sign”.

on Dec 01, 2008

I dont think hes gonna do everything he said durring the campain... hes already gone back on a few major issues... one being balancing the budget... and also the "tax raise" amount. SO no... I dont expect anything except Good ol nancy whispering in his ear "we got you elected now its time to pay up... sign this."

on Dec 10, 2008

One reality people are blind to is that the party controls the president.
Not always. In fact, W pretty much got what he wanted. Theoretically a prsident is supposed to lead.

on Dec 10, 2008


One reality people are blind to is that the party controls the president.Not always. In fact, W pretty much got what he wanted. Theoretically a prsident is supposed to lead.


the problem is there is always something attached to it...always. Its never about helping america as a whole... it is about what can you do for me and give me in return for my okay on said thing...