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     Today, I have the violence in man’s heart on the brain.  I have been reading a news story about drug gang violence in Mexico.  For some time now drug gang members have been killing each other and displaying the bodies in order to terrorize the citizenry so they will turn against the Mexican president, who has declared war on drug trafficking.

     One fact that not many Americans know is that there is a lot of bribing of public officials in Mexico.  A police officer pulls them over, the Mexican gives the officer 100 pesos, and officer and citizen go on their merry way; no citation being issued.  Mexicans show up at the Mexican custom check when returning from doing the jobs Americans won’t do with lots of stuff purchased in America and instead of paying the appropriate import duty they give the custom officer 10 or 20 American dollars.  The property tax collector starts to harass them about what they owe the tax office and they give the tax collector 600 pesos or more and the tax collector gives them a receipt stating their taxes are paid in full.

     My point here is that there is a severe low morality among the people of Mexico.  Now, there is a difference between a person killing people on the street and beheading them and person who bribes a cop so the cop won’t give him a citation.  However, immorality is immorality.

     The children of Mexico observe their parents and become conditioned to the idea this is the way you conduct business.  Them these children develop even more harsh unlawful behavior, like carrying product for drug dealers or working as enforcers.

      On Sunday I was reading in the local paper how drug gangs leave messages for authorities on the bodies they dump in public. They leave notes warning the public.  They leave dismembered heads on the gates of police stations.  They enter schools and business and rob everyone. 

     While I was reading this story I was asking myself “isn’t this what terrorist do in Arab nations?”  Mexican drug gangs are using the same tactics of intimidation and terrorism of “Muslim extremist”.

     All of these I write to make a simple point. There are very bad people in the world.  Mr. Obama’s attitude about dealing with world leaders concerns me greatly.  We have all heard him talk about how American attitude has gotten America in so much trouble.

     On Monday Rush Limbaugh was talking about Russia under the direction of Putin trying to take a mining company.  Rush was comparing it to some politician stopping a CEO of an investment company from getting his bonus from doing a good job.  In my mind was the foolish proposal of taking people’s private investment plans and putting the money in the Social Security account, which Hannity has been reporting is bankrupt again.

     At this economic crisis one democrat scuffed how would you like to have your social security in the market now.  Well being that the market was brought down by the Community Reinvestment Act, which gave home loans to low income families who defaulted on loans they could not afford, no I would not like my retirement in the market now.  However, the market would of being better of if democrats were not up to their social engineering by forcing private companies to practice Socialism.

     Still it all comes down to morality.  It is immoral for government to steal from me to give to another person.  Obama has now stated that America fares better when the rewards of success are shared.  This brought me to think about the word “share”.  I have a hammer and my neighbor asks me for it. I lend it to him.  My neighbor has a screw driver and I ask him for it.  He lends it to me.  That’s sharing.  What are the poor poor and poor middle class sharing?  They neither have a hammer or a screw driver.  What they are doing is taking, which is not sharing.

     Evil world leaders like Putin, Amadinayad, the Chinese guy in charge of China, with violence in their hearts are just as lethal as the Mexican drug gangs and as immoral as the Mexican citizens bribing cops.  It is imperative that Obama and his foreign diplomatic team understand this point.  When dealing with these types of people of course you are nice and professional.  However, you also have to understand their goals are not American goals and that they are willing to use deception and violence to accomplish their goals.

     If I know people like Kim Jong Mentally Il as I know I do they are going to sucker president elect Obama every step of the way.  In addition, they will continue their sinister agendas, while they smile at Obama and H. Clinton, promising to be good international partners. 

     Jesus Christ says in the Bible, “ .. I am sending you out among the world …you must be as docile as doves and as wise as serpents”.  This is what America needs in leadership; a person who knows how to be diplomatic when in the company of the devil.

on Dec 12, 2008

You're right about "the Chinese guy in charge of China." I liked the guy before him: "that other Chinese guy in charge of China." He was more leader-like.

Rush Limbaugh is still around? I would have thought the oxycontin would have made him completely blind and deaf as well as retarded by now. (Well, more retarded than he was in the first place.)

Your arrogant analysis of Obama gives you away as a mindless right wing conservative. Obama is smart and won't be misled. But then, you probably think George Dumbya Bush was smarter than a half-eaten taco so what use is it talking to you?

on Dec 19, 2008

You want mexico to calm down.  Legalize drugs and give them something to do in their economy.  Its crazy how many problems could be solved with legalization.  Soooooooooooo much money... Sooooooooooo much tax revenues.....  not many more addicts to.  (look at netherlands)

on Dec 19, 2008

If you hate the path Mexico is on, GO BACK HOME (you know, since you're in the US illegally) and try to change things.

We'd love you to.  You are JUST as immoral as these people due to your hypocrisy.