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    There has been a lot of talk about the “bail outs” for the American auto-makers.  Even today several weeks after their last symbolic car ride in to DC I read stories of the VOLT project being scaled back and auto makers restructuring their plans for plant closures.  In addition, there are stories about president Bush pondering over using part of the 700 billion economic bailout for the auto makers bail out.

     I personally think that auto-makers and others should be treated like they treat their costumers.  Every one who has ever tried to get a car loan or other type of loans knows how perfect your credit has to be in order to get the loan.  Right now all these businesses are “bad credit risks”.  They have failed at managing their businesses and do not deserve the trust of the people.

     Furthermore, of all the businesses that have rude and obnoxious staff I would put banks and car lots at the top.  Once when I was helping my younger sister buy a car I told her to first do “research”.  She commented this to one of the salesmen at a car lot we were in and this person, who wanted her money, actually responded, “Research!  What Research! Your brother doesn’t know what he is talking about.”  The banks here in stupid El Paso Texas offer 1% or less interest on savings accounts.  Furthermore, on the banks issue,  I get easy credit from Citi then from my home town bank and I have been with my home town bank over 15 years.

     Over the ages people have been treated badly by the car industry, insurance companies, and banks. I know I am not the only one. These industries have denied people credit and loans.  In addition, their employees are rude and disrespectful.  I do not see why the American tax payer should have any sympathy for these industries and their employees.

     The bigger picture is the American economy.  Bush has been right.  All of these nonsense can destroy the American economy.  Those of us who pay attention know that you can judge the health of an economy by the viability of companies.  Today, big industry cannot afford to stay in business.  They are not generating enough to pay their bills. 

     The credit crunch has limited cash flow. Miss guided democrats created the Community Reinvestment Act to help low income people get home loans.  Many of these loans were obtained with no credit checks or proof of income. We all know that enough people defaulted and the end result was less cash in banks.

    Now, we are looking at high unemployment, bank closings, and closure of other companies.  The distant observer may think the world is coming to an end.  Well it is not.  The business of business is money.  Left with no option but to rely on their devices business people will do what is necessary to stay in business.  They will sell assets.  They will merge with other companies. They will take on investors.

    For the average individual this will mean hardship.  Many jobs and pension plans are lost during business restructuring in order to stay in business.

     However, the ones who fair well are the ones willing to adapt.  In life tragedy is a given. No matter who you are, you will face hardship. 

     The key is not to give in to it.  If you go visit any job search web site, such as Career Builder, you will see all the jobs that have been posted recently.  Some are MLM schemes, but the majority are real job postings. It may not be the job you wanted, but it pays.  In addition, do not tell a person who invests  close to 75 hours a week in his business that at the rate they are offering you would have to work 60 hours a week or get another job.  Work is healthy and provides resources we can use to purchase the life we want. 

     However, we have been trained to be dreamers.  Culture has input ideas such as being “being happy” and “fulfilled” by accomplishing some kind of abstract dream.  I have learned that real happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and pleasure come from using what you have to get what you want in life.

No matter what challenges these modern economic complications bring us we all have something we can use to manage our way through.  We all have arms, legs, backs, and brains to think.  Your options are the healthy optimistic route or the negative cynical route.

on Dec 18, 2008

I think what a lot of people overlook when considering industry, myself included, is that industry is actually a representation of multiple individuals. From the corporate share holders looking after our pensions (or trying to at least), to the manufacturing plants that employ thousands of people.

People tend to view industries and corporations as individuals that are there only to a few individuals money, and while they certainly fulfill that purpose, they do at the same time provide a service for the rest of us in some respects.

It's not as black and white as the rich and the poor as many would love to believe, the two are inextricably linked and thus effected by the downfalls of their industries.

on Dec 18, 2008

Edit doesnt seem to be working on this website, so just to clarify:

People tend to view industries and corporations as individuals that are there only to a few individuals money.

should be:

People tend to view industries and corporations as individuals that are there only to make a few individuals money.

on Dec 25, 2008

Think of all the people boycotting those comapnies for their mistreatment, only to find out their tax money goes to "bailing them out"