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You are a genuine person.  People like you because they know you are not pretentious and won’t do anything in the name of politics.  The liberal-agenda driven-news media only knows how to do things one way.  You will never win by getting in their face.

In addition, us-the members of the public who love you and respect you- are not their dummies.  Therefore, do not spend so much time worrying about them and be grateful for the support you have from so many of us.

Through the campaign the word that the stuck in my mind was “integrity”.  The last thing I want to see is a good person like your self become a modern person on a rant.  We already have to many people in this world who think they were denied something and are becoming bitter.  We do not one more.

Now, I am not saying this is your case.  I have yet to see any undignified behavior from you.  For you and president Bush I think it is more important to maintain your integrity, then to placate the liberal masses.

Tammy Bruce, Laura Ingraham’s sub host, actually called Bush a worst liberal than Al Gore.  It is strange how now that Bush is leaving all the so called conservatives are lending themselves to Bush bashing.  However, that is who they are in life.  They like you when you are winning and start throwing their soda at you when they perceive you are losing.

Therefore, there is no reason for you to placate the established Republican power structure.  There are no more Republicans in American government. The modern ideological philosophy grinder-the liberal agenda driven news- has turned them into modern liberals afraid of their own shadow. 

In a time in American history there was no Republican Party.  People of ideas and vision built it.  However, the modern Republican Party does not represent the ideals of “personal responsibility” and “self reliance”. In addition, who is to say a new political party which represents conservatives cannot be born from all this mayhem.

I knew it was going to be hard for the few Republicans who are in congress.  However, I have not seen anything at all that shows that they are going to stand up for conservatives.  I wanted to advise people to adopt a Republican and be his or her support network during these challenging next four years.  However, it is evident to me that most so called Republicans are more worried about their own political careers then representing conservatives.

Mrs. Sarah Palin in a world of phonies willing to do anything to get elected you are a valuable commodity.  Many people are looking , not for leadership, but for some one they can believe in and support.

I would ask you spend less time worried about Curic’s unfulfilled life and her need to preserve her paycheck no matter what she has to do and spend more time on your supporters.

Write a BLOG.  Make your own videos and post them on YouTube or any other internet broadcasting media.  Go speak to the people.  I know I can trust you to tell me what you want me to know.  It has been ages since I lost all respect for what calls itself news media in America.

Even conservatives are not to be valued.  I have more respect for you, Sarah, then Tammy Bruce, Laura Ingraham and any other of their kind. The Bible verse “what profits a man if gains the world, but looses his soul” is very adequate in these modern times.  Many do what it takes to get by in life.  Even if it means compromising their ideals. Many of us see in you a person who believes hard work and good values are the road to success.

Even today I can say I love and respect Mr Bush and would still sacrifice my life to save his.  I am glad to put you on the list of people I would sacrifice my life in order to save.

Stay true to your self, work for the noble cause of the dignity in humanity, and fight the good fight  with us who know sincerity, honesty, and valor.



on Jan 09, 2009

Through the campaign the word that the stuck in my mind was “integrity”.


not exactly the word that stuck in mine afterwards, when it was revealed an arrest warrant for palin's daughter's babydaddy mama had been shelved during the campaign enabling the woman to continue peddling oxycontin to the good people of sweet home wasila (something i'm cool with btw if only she lived down the block from me) and possibly even their kids (something i'm not at all cool with; nothin worst than diverting perfectly good opoids to those too young to appreciate them) for a couple months longer 

in this case i have no choice to side with those who deride the media for its failures.  despite what they'd have us believe, it seems clear wasiila is more than merely meth and beer.



on Jan 09, 2009



i, for one, am shocked!  i had no idea jesus was really a chick.


it's so rare to find a female consistently bleating out the sorta atrocious idiocy we all expect from our man...or whatever it eventually turns out to be..on the wrong side of everything, especially our side of the border.


what's more i didn't realize correspondence schools had solidarities.

on Jan 09, 2009



oops.  i guess i was thinkin of him/her being a sorority sister.