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I am plan to take on a more serene tone today. Since I woke up I have been preparing to give a serious and analytical review of Mr. Obama’s inauguration. The following are some of the conclusions I came to this day.

The reality is that some one had to win.  The vote was held and Mr. Obama won enough votes to be elected.  Granted I am not very happy with the results.  I am even more disappointed with all the fanfare.  Personalities are always getting elected.  Mr. Obama is just another one.

What is important is the status of America.  She needs to remain an economic power and a moral power. There have been and will continue to be ruthless dictators with little respect or regard for human life.  Now, Mr. Obama’s statement we will offer our enemies a hand if they will open their fist is of real concern. I know America cannot save everyone from tyranny and oppression.  This means there will always be tragedies to take aback. However, under no circumstances would I promise my enemies an olive branch. I know exactly who they are and what they are capable of doing to me.

This point is important because one of the things I was looking for in Mr. Obama’s speech was a hint on how he plans to deal with dictators and terrorist. He did make the point that America in her good nature will out last evil terrorist. However, Mr. Obama spoke about the founding fathers having made a country of laws not men that cannot be compromised by ideology.  Again, I ask when were America’s constitutional laws violated by ideological men?  Last week a federal court ruled that President G. W. Bush did not violate the law with the surveillance programs he authorized.  This just leads me back to my perception of Obama being a soft and naive leader incapable of keeping America safe.

My other interest was Mr. Obama’s attitudes towards social policy. He did have a lot to say about this.  Again, he voiced that America’s prosperity should be shared with the least fortunate.   He said America should not just be for the wealthy. In addition , he said that building big programs should not be viewed as impossible because of everything America has accomplished so far.  I even think he called me a cynic because I do not believe in turning the country over to the lazy and to people addicted to government programs.

Let me answer that charge.  I would prefer people function by using the elements of a free market economy to provide for themselves. This is a better system then socialism.  Yes, “corporate America” tends to over due it now and then, but they eventually pay the price.  However, it is better for people to understand that you need to get an education and find a good paying job then to loose all inspiration and motivation by living dreary lives on government assistance. I know for a fact that people on government assistance still have dreams.  However, government aid gives people enough to keep  them poor.

Now, lets have a serious discussion about early childhood abuse.  Many people are surviving victims of irresponsible and dysfunctional parents.  These parents did not give their children the adequate emotional intelligence and wisdom necessary to manage life.  As adults this people who went through all this hardship have many obstacles to over come.  Some times the obstacles are to intense.  I am very well aware of all of these facts and their contributions to people’s complicated lives. This is why 30 years of throwing money at the problem has yielded little results.

Furthermore, I know that for America to have real success all these people who are struggling in life are going to have to be brought up to speed. This will not be accomplished by killing the spirit of the prosperous in order to feed the weakness of the unmotivated. Again, when investors do not have confidence in government jobs are not created and the economy decreases.

Jobs are the only real social program that works. For some time I have been saying that “hunger pains are real good motivators”.  I cannot any in way know my neighbors passions and/or desires, nor should I.  In order to really help people you need to know what drives them, if anything. The one person who knows his or her passions is the individual him or her self.  Therefore, they are in the best position to help themselves.

I am sorry that there is no force out there people can count on.  I know people want to find some thing that will take them away from their undesirable life.  Some  time ago I was listening to an interview of  a person who has written a book based on the realistic psychology of we have what we have worked to earn. 

Let me say this guy is an idiot. Yes, we do it to our selves.  However, we are also helped by lack of opportunities and an increasingly “high cost of living” fueled only by greed. If I was going to pursue a masters I was going to have to find $20,000 and believe that there would be a “pay off” in the end.

I see a job market flooded with college graduates and with opportunities reserved for the spouses, lovers, family, and friends of hiring managers. This is a reality that many people trying to find employment face every day. Things do not look good for those in need of a job.

However, abuse tends to burry it self.  Eventually bad business decisions cripple a business.  Business leave and new businesses arise with real opportunities. After all life is about growth.  America is in an economic growth process. 

Government can only interfere. Here is my problem.  The most important country on the face of the planet needs productive citizens with good morality in order to maintain her power. A weak America cannot have influence in the world. Robb people with the reason they get up in the morning and you will have nothing but zombies on government programs.

As it is modern man is very ill.  His thoughts, emotions, pursuits, passions, and desires are decadent. In addition, modern man’s attitudes are not derived from academic enlightenment. These attitudes come from a modern culture that spews craze and vulgar ideologies.

How is American society to improve? We need to go back to basics. It was some what encouraging to hear Mr. Obama talk about the need to protect the American Constitution. That tape of Obama stating that the constitution was lacking because it was written with out ability to provide government assistance in leveling the economic playing field had a lot of us concerned.

Well these rights provided by the constitution protect business and citizen from the tyranny of government. It is a privilege to help another person.  Every day companies and private citizens are giving of their time and money to help some one out.

I just do not get where Obama got his vision of America. The free market system provides for jobs and careers. Prosperous companies and citizens pay taxes, which fund government. In addition, the successful donate to charity.  Where is this country of wealthy people who are depriving people of the means to sustain life?

I just think it is best for government to stop trying to be all things to all people.  There of course are people with agendas applying pressure on elected officials to promote their agenda.  This is were ideas like “redistribution of wealth” and “late term abortions” come from in today’s society. Neither allowing people to become lacking in responsibility to them selves nor befriending our enemies with help America maintain her moral and economic power.




on Jan 21, 2009

too bad it don't speak for mexico's values huh jesus?