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     Some days ago I was listening to conversation between Mr. Bill Bennet and an invited guest to his Morning in America radio talk show.  During this conversation, the guest mentioned that Article I, Section 8, clause 10 of the American Constitution had been used by George Washington and during WWII.  The guest believed that this provision in the Constitution allowed the Bush administration authority for military tribunals for militant combatants.

     Article 1 Section 8 Clause 9 reads as follows “ Congress shall have power…to constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme court”.  Article I Section 8 Clause 10 reads as follows “ Congress shall have power…to define and punish Piracies  and Felonies committed on the high seas, and Offenses against the Laws of Nations”. Mr. Bennett’s guest was making the point that Congress was informed by the Bush administration of their actions and that those members of congress who were informed agreed to allow the programs go forth.  Which is in fact congress exercising both clauses mentioned above.  Congress was informed and permitted the actions. 

     Now, this morning I was reading an article on the executive orders issued by Obama so far.  The author spoke on the Bush administrations holding of prisoners with no jury trial, secret CIA prisons in foreign lands and torture.  The thought that came to mind is that the author wrote as if he had the full voice  of authority and just the mere mention of this Bush initiatives means they are wrong. Again I state congress gave Mr. Bush the authority to fight the war on terror. By Constitutional provisions foreign nationals have been held, tried in military courts, and even executed upon findings of their guilt.

     My point is that there is a liberal operation with the focus of brain washing the average individual against the conservative movement. The story I read this morning in my opinion is part of this effort by liberals. This implies that because Obama and other’s sentiment is against Bush initiatives these initiatives were wrong.

     I wondered why being that nothing Bush did was illegal that the liberals and Obama would be making such drama over Guitmo, water boarding, and CIA secret prisons.  Then my mind woke up.  The answer I can to was politics.

     That is right even today after Obama’s victory he is still playing politics.  Why else come on so strong about actions of Bush that are definitely not illegal.  The problem of course is that at the end of all of this politicking is the safety and security of America.

     Mr. Rush Limbaugh was just talking about how one person who was freed from Guitmo is no holding a high ranking post in Al Qaeda. The CIA has tracked this person and knows he is serving in Al Qaeda.

     This is upsetting beyond belief.  I learned recently that people in the CIA were acting deliberately and knowingly against Mr. Bush.  People who receive their salary from the taxes I pay, where trying to discredit president Bush because of their political agenda and the end result was putting American security in jeopardy.

     This is exactly what Mr. Obama is doing with his politicking. He is endangering American security.  I have no problem with holding military combatants in military prisons and subjecting them to military justice. Innocent people are not being held.  These people had to of been doing something to of been arrested.  The CIA detaining people they know are involved in harming the US through their investigations does not bother me either.  Water boarding, forcing a person to stand for long periods of time, keeping people in isolation, or ridiculing their masculinity  I do not consider torture.  When I worked as a security guard I had to stand for as long as ten hours strait sometimes. My ex-wife use to ridicule my masculinity a lot and I was glad when she left me alone.  That’s isolation I could live with.

     See this is why Mr. Bennet upsets many of his callers.  We are at war with the liberal agenda.  Mr. Obama is part of this agenda.  In an interview while Obama was painting a wall I caught a glimpse of this sinister effort.  In his answer he was going to state something to the effect the new White House web site is being used to influence voters.  Instead he opted to use the word organize after seconds of searching his brain for the right word.

      Mr. Bennet keeps asking his callers to give Obama a chance.  He also asks that we deal with the facts of his politics. However, in my opinion, it is very evident that Obama and company are still playing politics and the goal is to influence sentiment and thought in the average individual against the conservative movement. Alibris

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